Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prayers needed for the MckFamily


PLEASE be in prayer for MckMama and her family. Especially for MckMuffin. He is fighting very hard right now against RSV. He can use all of our prayers as can his family.
If you do not know their family or story, please check out MckMama's blog @ my charming kids . Their story is very touching. God has blessed them with this miracle child, for which they give him ALL the glory.

We are praying for you baby Stellan. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday



Well, here it is Monday again, time to hear what we have not been up to.
I really don't have much this week. Not because I have been a perfect wife, Mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc, but because this past week was such a blur that I do not remember most of it.
(I should have asked for my memory back for Christmas. ;)

Here is what I do remember that I did NOT do this past week...

I did NOT take a three day break from blogging. Who takes a break from blogging? Umm...NOT ME, that is who!!!

I did NOT eat so many sugar cookies that I lost count. I have will power, so I would never just keep eating them.

I did NOT re-order pictures from a different location 30 minutes from my house on Dec 23rd, bc the ones I ordered from the place right down the street would not be ready, and then make my dear sweet husband drive me the 30 minutes to pick them up Christmas Eve morning.  I would have just given them out later after the first place finished them.
(did that even make sense?)

I did NOT sit down in the chair last night and start reading my book (the Purpose of Christmas) and not stop or even get up until I was finished with it. Oh wait, yes...I did do that. (GREAT book btw)

I along with my husband did NOT stay up until 2am on friday night getting everything taken down, cleaned and put away and then open and put together ALL of CJ's toys/games and re-arrange his rooms to make room for his new things.  Nope, not me...I turned 30 a couple months ago...I NEED my sleep.

OK, I think that is enough for this week. My brain hurts from trying to remember.
I wonder what all I won't do this week.

Want to read more Not Me's? Check out MckMama's blog...  my charming kids

Sunday, December 28, 2008

pictures from Christmas '08

The following pictures are from Christmas Eve, which we spend with my Mom, Step dad and siblings each year.

Christmas Eve 2008 001 
CJ & my Niece (13yrs)
Christmas Eve 2008 017
CJ posing with his new Leap Frog quick start computer
He LOVES it!!!
Christmas Eve 2008 024
opening his new train set (one of them)
Christmas Eve 2008 031
giving his Mackle (Ma-cole) (what he calls his Grandma (my Mom) a hug for all his great gifts.

Christmas Eve 2008 034
my nephew(4yrs) posing with a couple monster trucks 
Christmas Eve 2008 049
my niece (3.5yrs) with her Fur-real dog

The following are from Christmas morning at my Grandma's house...
Christmas 2008 005
CJ & two of his cousins, (3 & 4 yrs)sitting on his new Lightning McQueen couch/bed
 Christmas 2008 032
checking out his new Thomas train set
Christmas 2008 030
opening more gifts

The following are pictures from Christmas at our house, just the three of us.
Christmas 2008 001
posing with his first gift to be opened in front of our tree
Christmas 2008 003
such excitement. It was a Thomas game for his Vsmile
Christmas 2008 043 
PJ's friend is a UPS driver and CJ just loves him. So we bought him his own "Craig suit".  lol He is now asking for his own UPS truck.  Oh my!!!  ;)
Christmas 2008 053
a Thomas is SO soft.
Christmas 2008 056
his play-doh table
Christmas 2008 060
watching a new dvd while I was cooking dinner, waiting on PJ's family to arrive.
The following are from Christmas evening with my husband's family at our house
Christmas 2008 062
Opening his gift from his Grandma & her husband, a giant fire truck that lights up and makes sounds (very nice)
Christmas 2008 065
so excited to have more gifts to open
Christmas 2008 069
the mess that was our family room on Christmas evening.

And finally...getting his gift from my Grandma on friday morning...
Christmas 2008 076
Christmas 2008 077
Christmas 2008 080
opening a couple games for the smart cycle
Christmas 2008 084
last but certainly NOT least...
Christmas 2008 086
his fishing bear that sings and dances

That was a collection of our Christmas'.
Was it enough pictures for you?  ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Baaaack!!!

Did anyone miss me?  ;)

To say that I have been busy would be an understatement. (I am sure that most of us are this time of year)
My house is back to itself. The tree is down and packed away with the rest of the decor. My floors are swept and mopped. All clothes are washed, folded and put away. Dishes are done. All toys are opened and put away. And both CJ's playroom and bedroom are re-arranged and organized with all his new things.

WHEW...We made it.

Our Christmas was AWESOME. We are truly blessed.
Everything went smoothly. With the exception of my Grandmother, she is 83, making a trip to the ER. She is fine, but she has been having some trouble with her eye itching her. She rubbed it so much that she bruised it. (OUCH) So she missed the little ones opening some of their gifts, but we made sure to go back friday for her to give them the gifts from her, so she could see them at least open those.

My MIL has been fighting cancer for about two years now. First it was ovarian cancer, then it was a couple spots in her stomach (which they are still attacking with chemo), then a couple spots on her brain (which she had radiation for) and is now back to the chemo for her stomach.
She is worn down. PLEASE pray for her. She can use them. (THANKS)

About a year ago PJ and I read a Purpose Driven Life (by Pastor Rick Warren). A couple months ago we did a Bible study by him called 40 Days of Community. For Christmas I received another book by him called The purpose of Christmas. I am so excited to start reading it.
I also received lots of other FUN stuff.

CJ though...he hit the mother load. That happens when you have a Grandma and an Aunt that SPOIL you.  He received, two game systems (the Smart Cycle and the Leapfrog Computer system for the tv) He also received a couple games each for them as well as for his Vsmile. Other things were a Little Einstein's globe and rocket chair, an aqua doodle, too many dvd's to list, three new Thomas the Train sets, a few Handy Manny things, including the cutest rolling backpack that will be PERFECT for pre-school (just the right size), a lightning McQueen couch/bed, a fire truck puzzle that he can color himself,  a HUGE fire truck (it is longer than he is tall), a dress up fire costume, a talking fire helmet, a Thomas blanket, a new train table and wooden train set, an alphabet sponge puzzle rug, a new bathtub toy, a small kid sized hall tree for his own coats and hats, a dart gun superhero thing, (it shoots balls through holes or something).
I know there is more, but my mind is going blank.
OH, he also received a check from his Grandma. (which we do not know what he will get with that). For now it is going in the bank. The boy needs NOTHING!!!
I will post some pictures later. ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and made lots of memories to last a lifetime.
I am still catching up on reading your blogs, but I will get there.

I am coming up on my 100th post (this week) And I think I will do a give away for it. Details will follow soon.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A day of baking

Well, I have been at it all day (so far). I am tired. (I am always tired, so that is nothing new, lol)
The good news is, I think I am done...baking that is. I still have lots to cook for Christmas dinner. (it is at our house)

Here is a look at what we have done today.

BLOG stuf 014
this is what we started with this morning.
PLEASE do not judge me for using pre-cut
sugar cookies.  I hung my cookie cutters on my
tree in my kitchen this year and did not want
to take them down to use them. So I improvised.
Other than being on the small side, they are just

BLOG stuf 015
CJ helping...though we did scrap these, bc
the hershey kisses did NOT melt AT ALL.
Not even a little.  UGH!!! 
BLOG stuf 020
Next, I cooked the sugar cookies and
iced them. CJ decorated them. We have
stockings, trees, and snowmen. YUM.
BLOG stuf 024 
ok, so this is not a picture of
something we baked, but this
is one of CJ's Christmas crafts.
They are wooden ornaments
that normally you would paint,
but I just let him color them and
we will add his picture to them
later. These will be put on the
front/tops of his gifts to his G-ma's
and aunt.
BLOG stuf 025
these are the peanut butter chews.
one of PJ's fave. Did you have these in
school as a child?
BLOG stuf 026
a pan of brownies. (peanut butter
cup brownies)
BLOG stuf 027
our Birthday cake for Jesus.
BLOG stuf 028
I have two pans of these. They are not
finished yet. I still have to add a scoop of
vanilla ice cream on each one. They are called
ice cream peanut butter pie cups. The
recipe came off of a rice crispy box from when I
was a child.
Umm...I think my family likes peanut butter.  lol

Well that has been our day so far. Now I have to run some things over to my sister and pick up some pictures.
Everyone have a great day!!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

CJ's day out

This morning we met our playgroup at the children's museum called, Aha. (a hands on adventure) It is a lot of fun for the little ones. And always nice to catch up with the other Mom's.

Below are some pictures from our morning.
Aha visit 12-22-08 003 
at the grocery
  Aha visit 12-22-08 005 
               making a pizza

Aha visit 12-22-08 008           
getting ready to put the pizza in the oven

Aha visit 12-22-08 010 
multi layered giant pizza
Aha visit 12-22-08 012  
the water table...tons of wet fun
thank goodness for those aprons

Aha visit 12-22-08 018  
this is just a shot to show you one side of the area
this side has the water table, house building, fishing, garden area, legos, sand table, face painting and more

Aha visit 12-22-08 021
CJ in the building a house area 
Aha visit 12-22-08 028 

"Spiderman" taking a break for lunch
 Aha visit 12-22-08 029  
        flying an airplane

Aha visit 12-22-08 036 
the honeycomb maze
Aha visit 12-22-08 037
the garden center

I am so bummed out that I did not get a picture of the opposite of the area, where they have a stage with working lights, curtains and microphones for the kids. And a closet full of dress up. They also have over there a pretend bank, grocery, vet, pizza shop(shown), book area, plop zone for younger babies.
It really is a lot of fun for the little ones. And very interactive.
Now I am ready  for a NAP!!!  (ha ha ha)

Not Me Monday



Well, it is Monday again, time to inform blog-land of the things I did NOT do.  ;)

1. I did NOT shush my husband in church. Nah, first I would not do that and second, he would not talk during church. 
*Really he doesn't usually, but one of his employees (only 19yrs) came with us to church and he would not stop talking to hubby.

2. I did NOT take our family Christmas picture in our bathroom.  Who does that? Not me, that's who. Honestly, I just wanted the picture to be in front of the shutter doors in there.  (lol)

3. I did NOT buy my son a $30.00 Mac (from CARS) just four days before Christmas. No, I would not do that. Do you smell that? Well, do you? It is my Son....he is SPOILED!!!
*To be honest, the boy is 3.5 yrs and STILL will NOT go to the potty ALL the time. Sometimes he  will, others he refuses. I am tired of buying diapers and pull ups for him. So the Mac truck was a bribe. He can have it as long as he goes potty, the first time he does NOT, he loses him. I AM a mean Mommy!!!

4. I did NOT sit on the couch 90% of yesterday doing NOTHING but watch Christmas movies.  Oh wait, yep that was me...I already admitted to it on a previous post.  (woops)

5. I did NOT go to dinner at Frisch's Big Boy in my pj's this weekend. I would not step out of the house in my jammies. (I did atleast have make up on and my hair some what done)

6. I did NOT not lay something out for dinner, so that we would have to eat out.  ;) NAH, I would not do that...I LOVE the to cook. ;) And I did NOT do this a couple times this week either.  :-0

Well that is it for what I did NOT do this past week.
To see what everyone else did NOT do check out MckMama's blog:
my charming kids

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My hubby is self employed. He installs flooring. (carpet, laminate, & vinyl) While this job pays pretty decent, with any self employment there are pros and cons.
I am not going to go into the great detail of those pros & cons, but I will say that installing carpet takes a toll on your body. Most installs have to have knee surgery(ies), retire early from this "career" into another job, etc. (some even end up in wheel chairs)

Since we have been together (six years) he has wanted out of carpet/flooring. But, since the pay is so good he has stayed. His job allows me the luxury to stay home with CJ and for that I am so very thankful.

We recently found out about a possible job opportunity that may be suitable for PJ. We know the people who are hiring, etc. He is not overly qualified, but is not under-qualified either. (there is some clerical work and he has never worked in an office setting before, but knows most of the programs and can type)
This job would offer a stable schedule (most likely four days a week 9-5) Extreme flexibility, benefits IMMEDIATELY, vacation, salary, etc.
The ONE drawback for us is that it would be a HUGE pay cut. We are talking almost half of what he makes now. We are trying to decide if we can "afford" this cut.
I am not one that is into money. I always say, "money does not buy happiness" and I believe that. BUT, we have a mortgage, two car payments, (one is almost paid off), medical bills, ins., etc. I really do not know if we CAN afford to take the cut.

We are praying about this decision and know that the Lord will lead us where we need to be. (remember we are about to put our house on the market and rent while looking for land to build, this would drastically cut back our mortgage/rent pymt) Plus any day now my Dad's estate should be settled and I will receive a portion of it, which could pay off the two car loans or help us out otherwise financially. So money wise, we may be ok in the grand scheme of things. But this position they are wanting to fill ASAP. So time is of the essence.
UGH...I HATE making decisions.
Please say a prayer for us that we make the right decision and that the Lord leads us where we need to be.

THANKS Ladies!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a few random pictures

Just a few random pictures from the past week or so, because today I have done absolutely NOTHING. I have sat on the couch most of the day today watching Christmas movies on Lifetime and The Hallmark Channel.   (lol)
It has been a relaxing day to say the least.
this picture was taken last friday in our home. These are CJ's cousins on his Daddy's side of the family. (PJ's sisters' kids) The are (L to R) 5, 3, 3mo., 2 and CJ, 3) This is part of my MIL's Christmas gift. 
Collin misc dec 08 004 
this is CJ in his playroom. (guess he did not want his picture taken) He thought he was a toy, I suppose, dumping all those cars out to climb in the bin.  (too funny)

Collin misc dec 08 004 
this is how he positioned himself to take a nap yesterday afternoon. He played with that laundry basket ALL day.
Collin misc dec 08 003 he likes this hat, but it does not fit his head. (it came with a Christmas frog, years ago. Still he runs around the house with this sitting on his head all the time. Of course I usually find it lying around, where it has fallen off.
Collin misc dec 08 007
tonight he came running into the kitchen laughing, just like this (minus the Santa hat) So I of course asked him to "pose" in front of the tree for a pic. He LOVES his potato head pieces. He is my human potato head.

Well that is it for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Is everyone done Christmas shopping and wrapping?