Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday



Well, here it is Monday again, time to hear what we have not been up to.
I really don't have much this week. Not because I have been a perfect wife, Mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc, but because this past week was such a blur that I do not remember most of it.
(I should have asked for my memory back for Christmas. ;)

Here is what I do remember that I did NOT do this past week...

I did NOT take a three day break from blogging. Who takes a break from blogging? Umm...NOT ME, that is who!!!

I did NOT eat so many sugar cookies that I lost count. I have will power, so I would never just keep eating them.

I did NOT re-order pictures from a different location 30 minutes from my house on Dec 23rd, bc the ones I ordered from the place right down the street would not be ready, and then make my dear sweet husband drive me the 30 minutes to pick them up Christmas Eve morning.  I would have just given them out later after the first place finished them.
(did that even make sense?)

I did NOT sit down in the chair last night and start reading my book (the Purpose of Christmas) and not stop or even get up until I was finished with it. Oh wait, yes...I did do that. (GREAT book btw)

I along with my husband did NOT stay up until 2am on friday night getting everything taken down, cleaned and put away and then open and put together ALL of CJ's toys/games and re-arrange his rooms to make room for his new things.  Nope, not me...I turned 30 a couple months ago...I NEED my sleep.

OK, I think that is enough for this week. My brain hurts from trying to remember.
I wonder what all I won't do this week.

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He And Me + 3 said...

I really haven't put anything away or put any of the kids toys together. I am so jealous...even if you did stay up late to get it done.

Jen said...

I am super exhausted just listening to everything you got done. And time to read? I am so so jealous!!! Most of all, I'm just proud of you and I'll strive to be like you when I take on straightening up my own home! Happy holidays!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

You are a crazy lady staying up that late to organize! And the whole cookie thing...yea, I didn't do that either! Great list :)