Sunday, December 28, 2008

pictures from Christmas '08

The following pictures are from Christmas Eve, which we spend with my Mom, Step dad and siblings each year.

Christmas Eve 2008 001 
CJ & my Niece (13yrs)
Christmas Eve 2008 017
CJ posing with his new Leap Frog quick start computer
He LOVES it!!!
Christmas Eve 2008 024
opening his new train set (one of them)
Christmas Eve 2008 031
giving his Mackle (Ma-cole) (what he calls his Grandma (my Mom) a hug for all his great gifts.

Christmas Eve 2008 034
my nephew(4yrs) posing with a couple monster trucks 
Christmas Eve 2008 049
my niece (3.5yrs) with her Fur-real dog

The following are from Christmas morning at my Grandma's house...
Christmas 2008 005
CJ & two of his cousins, (3 & 4 yrs)sitting on his new Lightning McQueen couch/bed
 Christmas 2008 032
checking out his new Thomas train set
Christmas 2008 030
opening more gifts

The following are pictures from Christmas at our house, just the three of us.
Christmas 2008 001
posing with his first gift to be opened in front of our tree
Christmas 2008 003
such excitement. It was a Thomas game for his Vsmile
Christmas 2008 043 
PJ's friend is a UPS driver and CJ just loves him. So we bought him his own "Craig suit".  lol He is now asking for his own UPS truck.  Oh my!!!  ;)
Christmas 2008 053
a Thomas is SO soft.
Christmas 2008 056
his play-doh table
Christmas 2008 060
watching a new dvd while I was cooking dinner, waiting on PJ's family to arrive.
The following are from Christmas evening with my husband's family at our house
Christmas 2008 062
Opening his gift from his Grandma & her husband, a giant fire truck that lights up and makes sounds (very nice)
Christmas 2008 065
so excited to have more gifts to open
Christmas 2008 069
the mess that was our family room on Christmas evening.

And finally...getting his gift from my Grandma on friday morning...
Christmas 2008 076
Christmas 2008 077
Christmas 2008 080
opening a couple games for the smart cycle
Christmas 2008 084
last but certainly NOT least...
Christmas 2008 086
his fishing bear that sings and dances

That was a collection of our Christmas'.
Was it enough pictures for you?  ;)

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He And Me + 3 said...

Those were great pictures. That boy got a boat load of toys. You may need a UPS truck to haul them all home with you. LOL
That is so funny that he did want a UPS truck. Too cute.
He looks like he was really into Christmas. What fun!

Kelly said...

Glad you are back!! Never too many pictures!! Fun day!! Have a good new year!

hilltopper said...

are those Amy's girls? right age, right hair, i was just wondering.
looks like you guys had to make room for alot of big stuff, it must be a grandparet thing to get kids huge things that cant just be thrown in the toybox. i owe a shopping cart and a drum set to my moms desire to "make it big"

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun time; it reminds me of when I was growing up and all the different Christmas' all over! It seemed as though it was never ending, but so much fun! Great pics, thanks for sharing :)