Saturday, December 20, 2008

a few random pictures

Just a few random pictures from the past week or so, because today I have done absolutely NOTHING. I have sat on the couch most of the day today watching Christmas movies on Lifetime and The Hallmark Channel.   (lol)
It has been a relaxing day to say the least.
this picture was taken last friday in our home. These are CJ's cousins on his Daddy's side of the family. (PJ's sisters' kids) The are (L to R) 5, 3, 3mo., 2 and CJ, 3) This is part of my MIL's Christmas gift. 
Collin misc dec 08 004 
this is CJ in his playroom. (guess he did not want his picture taken) He thought he was a toy, I suppose, dumping all those cars out to climb in the bin.  (too funny)

Collin misc dec 08 004 
this is how he positioned himself to take a nap yesterday afternoon. He played with that laundry basket ALL day.
Collin misc dec 08 003 he likes this hat, but it does not fit his head. (it came with a Christmas frog, years ago. Still he runs around the house with this sitting on his head all the time. Of course I usually find it lying around, where it has fallen off.
Collin misc dec 08 007
tonight he came running into the kitchen laughing, just like this (minus the Santa hat) So I of course asked him to "pose" in front of the tree for a pic. He LOVES his potato head pieces. He is my human potato head.

Well that is it for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Is everyone done Christmas shopping and wrapping?

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, he is hilarious!! My little Cameron loves Mr. Potato Head too, but tonight while we were at our family gathering...he put Mr. Potato Head's glasses on his face (it was so funny). Looks like your little guy has such a cute personality and a creative little mind. Love those boys!!

Florida Girl said...

Your photos are sooo cute! I love all the funny things that kids do. It's great you have it all on film- I don't always think to grab my camera. Thanks for sharing! Jessica

Oh, don't you just love the Hallmark channel's Christmas movies? I just watched one myself!

He And Me + 3 said...

He is a hoot. That beard looks better than some of the santa pictures I have seen floating around the blog world. LOL
Loved all the pictures.

Elaine said...

He is just precious.

Nancy said...

I, too, have been lazy today and have loved each minute :) love the pic of the nap and the laundry basket!

Kelly said...

I still say... who needs to buy toys. THey are so imaginative aren't they! Heck, just give em a box or a a "toy cube"!! :o) Have a great week!

McCrakensx4 said...

He is a crack up, tha CJ! Love the fake beard pic! And I have tons of pics where Brendan has fallen asleep everywhere and anywhere! I always thought...whatever, as long as he is sleeping! And now he can basically fall asleep where ever! Don't you just love giving pics for presents...they mean so much and are so cheap! My MIL is getting a framed photo of the boys in their football uniforms! Glad you had a relaxing day :)