Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday



Well, it is Monday again, time to inform blog-land of the things I did NOT do.  ;)

1. I did NOT shush my husband in church. Nah, first I would not do that and second, he would not talk during church. 
*Really he doesn't usually, but one of his employees (only 19yrs) came with us to church and he would not stop talking to hubby.

2. I did NOT take our family Christmas picture in our bathroom.  Who does that? Not me, that's who. Honestly, I just wanted the picture to be in front of the shutter doors in there.  (lol)

3. I did NOT buy my son a $30.00 Mac (from CARS) just four days before Christmas. No, I would not do that. Do you smell that? Well, do you? It is my Son....he is SPOILED!!!
*To be honest, the boy is 3.5 yrs and STILL will NOT go to the potty ALL the time. Sometimes he  will, others he refuses. I am tired of buying diapers and pull ups for him. So the Mac truck was a bribe. He can have it as long as he goes potty, the first time he does NOT, he loses him. I AM a mean Mommy!!!

4. I did NOT sit on the couch 90% of yesterday doing NOTHING but watch Christmas movies.  Oh wait, yep that was me...I already admitted to it on a previous post.  (woops)

5. I did NOT go to dinner at Frisch's Big Boy in my pj's this weekend. I would not step out of the house in my jammies. (I did atleast have make up on and my hair some what done)

6. I did NOT not lay something out for dinner, so that we would have to eat out.  ;) NAH, I would not do that...I LOVE the to cook. ;) And I did NOT do this a couple times this week either.  :-0

Well that is it for what I did NOT do this past week.
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He And Me + 3 said...

I love it...I shush my hubby all the time in church...sheesh, I don't want to get called out by my dad like I did when I was a kid.
Your list was great.
I hear the bathroom has great lighting too:) So says my cousin.

McCrakensx4 said...

Too Funny...I am loving the crack about the whole bribing but, cuz my Colin wasn't potty trained until he was almost 4! Yup, 4 and he just stopped wetting the bed this past summer, yup 7. But he is dry all the time now, I am jumping up and down if you can't see me! And sitting watching movies all day, that is not wasting time. If they didn't want you to do that, then why on earth would they put all of those great channels on the tube in the first place?! Great list my friend!

*Keli* said...

Hilarious! And NO you did not go out in your jammies!!! hahahaha!!! I love this post! xo

Lisa said...

I would NEVER go out in my jammies either. No way!! What were you thinking (lol). As goes for not laying anything out so you could eat dinner out (that is so me and I am so there with you on that one). Gotta love it when you agree with Not Me's!!

E said...

Yea, I would never purposely 'forget' to take something out to thaw for dinner. That would sure be bad of me. {{giggle}}

Enjoyed your Not Me's!

Erica in Texas