Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A day of baking

Well, I have been at it all day (so far). I am tired. (I am always tired, so that is nothing new, lol)
The good news is, I think I am done...baking that is. I still have lots to cook for Christmas dinner. (it is at our house)

Here is a look at what we have done today.

BLOG stuf 014
this is what we started with this morning.
PLEASE do not judge me for using pre-cut
sugar cookies.  I hung my cookie cutters on my
tree in my kitchen this year and did not want
to take them down to use them. So I improvised.
Other than being on the small side, they are just

BLOG stuf 015
CJ helping...though we did scrap these, bc
the hershey kisses did NOT melt AT ALL.
Not even a little.  UGH!!! 
BLOG stuf 020
Next, I cooked the sugar cookies and
iced them. CJ decorated them. We have
stockings, trees, and snowmen. YUM.
BLOG stuf 024 
ok, so this is not a picture of
something we baked, but this
is one of CJ's Christmas crafts.
They are wooden ornaments
that normally you would paint,
but I just let him color them and
we will add his picture to them
later. These will be put on the
front/tops of his gifts to his G-ma's
and aunt.
BLOG stuf 025
these are the peanut butter chews.
one of PJ's fave. Did you have these in
school as a child?
BLOG stuf 026
a pan of brownies. (peanut butter
cup brownies)
BLOG stuf 027
our Birthday cake for Jesus.
BLOG stuf 028
I have two pans of these. They are not
finished yet. I still have to add a scoop of
vanilla ice cream on each one. They are called
ice cream peanut butter pie cups. The
recipe came off of a rice crispy box from when I
was a child.
Umm...I think my family likes peanut butter.  lol

Well that has been our day so far. Now I have to run some things over to my sister and pick up some pictures.
Everyone have a great day!!!


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Nancy said...

oooh, my fav rice krispie bars are those with peanut butter!!! out of three daughters we have one like me :) love love love peanut butter!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Everything looks so yummy. I bake nothing:(

Lisa said...

I love the idea of having a Birthday cake for Jesus. Everything looks pretty tasty!! I won't judge you one bit for using those pre-cut cookies. We are actually going to make some tonight, but we are using the dough in the roll and then will cut them out from their so we both are going the easy route (lol). I also love the idea of putting your cutters on your tree...sounds awfully cute!! Did you ever post the info about your bedroom? Pics?

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow! Looks so yummy! I spent all day Sunday baking and no judging here...I love the person that came up with cookie dough in the roll! And today the kids decorated bakery sugar cookies!! It's not about where they come from, it is about the love that goes into them! I would love some of your recipes!

blessedmomto7 said...

DUDE!!! I'm tired just thinking of baking all that-GREAT JOB!!

*Keli* said...

Well look at you! All of that looks sooo good! I love PB too! I will be making sugar cookies with Moo tomorrow! We will roll out the slice and bake and I'll let her use the cookie cutters and make them look purty! Have a Merry Christmas! xo Keli

Nancy said...

love the new look :) but I can't read the posts text. I also like your family motto and realized it's ours. I'd like to add it to our blog, too, if you don't mind me being a copycat.

The new header rocks. Have a great weekend, dear friend!!