Monday, February 23, 2009

Boot Camp for little boys

"terrible two's" HA  ...                  "treacherous three's" is more
                                                       like it

collin fave pic 2yr   collin head shot 
              C @ 2 yrs                                      C @ 3 yrs

Why do "they" call it terrible two's? We are having treacherous three's here. They are much worse than the two's could ever hope to be. HELP!!!  ;)

C will be 4 in April. (I can not wait) I am hoping that he wakes up on his birthday leaving 3 and the behavior that came with it behind.  :)
This is my prayer. (honest)

IMG_1122In the past few months we have seen a different child. And not for the better. No, for the worse.

Please, don't get me wrong...he has his days, weeks even where he is the best little 3 yr old he can be. Loving, sweet, well mannered, helpful, etc. But then, just one thing goes wrong for him and it is all over. A new boy emerges, one that I do not recognize. And with this "new" boy, comes a "new" Mommy. And I must add, I do NOT like the "new" Mommy either. She is mean and she yells, mainly bc that is the ONLY way she can be heard over the screams of the "new" boy. That, and it is the only thing that has worked so far for the "new" boy. YIKES. It makes the "old" Mommy's head hurt.
misc feb 2009 II 002
So this week we, (I) decided to try something new. Boot Camp!!! I locked C out of his playroom. All he has to play with are his instruments (bc somehow they were over looked and left in the family room), his story book reader, a handful of blocks that came from some hiding spot, one dinosaur, and a small Thomas fire truck. In his bed he has Salty.
He will not be allowed back into his playroom until he is listening a majority of the time. We are also putting him in "time out". I am not misc feb 2009 II 003 sure this works, but we are trying it out. The rule for time out is he has to face the wall and no crying (I am so mean) for three minutes. (one minute for each year). You would think this was it is not, not for him. He is in time out for two, three or four times longer than he would have to be, just bc he won't stop screaming.  

I guess staying home with him all this time, I have not realized a lot of this until this past week when I took him to church with me while I working in the childcare in the evening. WoW...he really opened my eyes. Out of 20+ kids, mine was the only one that would not listen to me, his own Mommy. He wasChristmas pix XSCHJ 017 also the only one that had a screaming fit and chose to sit out TWO different times. What an eye opener.

I am determined to tame this "monster" I have created. Please pray for us. I will keep you updated. And if you have any suggestions, PLEASE send them my way.

Doesn't he look SO innocent? 

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He And Me + 3 said...

Yep, sounds like our Stunt Man. Gotta love 3. He was having such a difficult time at school too...but the last month or so has been getting all good reports. I hear 4 is great compared to 3...I am hoping so. But, Stunt Man has 2 older siblings that get him all worked that is a challange too. I will prya for you. I know exactly what you are going through. Stunt Man will be 4 in May. *sigh*

Lisa said...

Don't you hate it when you have to be firm and strict? Oh, it hurts me to do that and to be that way, but sometimes it is the only thing that works. Hoping today and every day after that is a better day for both of you.


blessedmomto7 said...

OH MY STARS! He's just too cute to punish. I hope I"m not RAINING ON YOUR PARADE but one of ours just turned four. She's still kinda nutty...

Shannon said...

This is funny because I feel the same way. No one prepared me for how hard the 3's would be. You only hear about the 2's. They are nothing by comparison. My son will be 4 next month and I wonder what 4 will be like...

A book that has helped us tremendously (sp?) is "Making Children Mind without Loosing Yours" by Kevin Leman. Actually he has a couple books on discipline and after reading TONS of books he is the best! The book is TOTALLY worth the investment in buying it.

Here's to fabulous 4's!!!

Katie said...

Girl, I will be praying for you! I know you're a good mama. ; )

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh Kel...been there done that and I have 2 only 13 months apart! We went through it like, I don't know, FOREVER!! It gets better, but ya just gotta keep going! Time outs worked for us, same rules and now that they are older, they get things taken away like video games and TV! Thinking and praying for you friend! Take care!

Heather said...

Our boys are about the same age (Connor will be 4 in May) and I swear, I was more frustrated with him this morning than I ever have been in my whole life. (or his whole life! :)) These are tough times for correction and teaching..and when you stay home, it can seem overwhelming! I will pray for you guys as I pray and beg God to help us!~!!1

hilltopper said...

i say im not going to yell i will tell him once and then twice and then i say, if i say it again you will go to your room and sit on your bed then crying or not he stays there until i calm down ;) i do occasionally spank (collective gasp) but not often and usually when he has been brazenly rebellious.

i would like your method on how to wash a 3.5 yr olds hair without the neighbors thinking you must be drowning the poor kid, every bath its the same thing screaming crying flailing around and sputtering.

god grant you strength, and patience, its hard raising obedient boys.

Susie said...

OMGoodness, my heart is pounding for you right now!!!!!! Hang in there Mommy, you are doing a great job!
I have some smart love tricks if you are interested. It might be simple, or you may have already done them, just called them something else? Anyway, if you are interested, shoot me an email.
Don't worry Kelly--there are several times when I go to places and Sophie doesn't listen to me, but she always listens to someone else.
There is a philosophy that says that a kid only cries for mom because said kid is only emotionally stable enough to do that around mom.
Weird huh?

Anyway, I'm praying for you two--big hugs from me! Sorry I've been away so long.