Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside...

We ventured out today in the negative degree temps. (I was sick of sitting here starring at the walls) The good news is after a few hours out and lunch the temps are now above 0.  It is now a humid 7 degrees.  (ha ha ha) Hey it is better than negative 7!  :)
The bad pipes to my washer are FROZEN!!!  Wah...I really need to do laundry. I am working on that now and if it is not fixed when P gets home, I will be taking my laundry to my Mom's to do. 
P took my car today bc his work van has NO heat. It went out this week and he can not get it fixed until next week. So he will be using my car whenever possible. Can you imagine NO heat in this weather???  Yikes.
In other good news...our house is toasty today. Yay!  Normally it is COLD in here. (no matter what the heat is set on and no matter what time of year) It is an old old old house. (build in 1899) (doesn't that qualify it as an antique?) 

Here is a picture of C all bundle up for the cold. (I even put pj pants on him under his jeans for an layer and added warmth)'s cold outside~Collin jan'09 002
he does not like when I zip AND button his coat all the way up. Today it was a must. 
Do you notice that the sun is shining bright through the windows, even though it was -2 at this time?  :)

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blessedmomto7 said...

DUDE! Having frozen pipes is the pits.. I EDITED my last post just for you :)

Lisa said...

He is just so cute and I am loving that OSU hat especially if they lost the bowl game (ergh). Glad to hear you are having a heat wave in your neck of the woods...perhaps I will come over for a visit and we can sit by the pool and sip on our cokes with umbrellas (lol). Hmmm, might be a bit chilly. OH-- we so should meet up sometime at the zoo when the weather is warmer. That would be fun and the boys would love it.

Stay warm and yes your home is considered an antique in my books (hehehe).

~ Lisa

hilltopper said...

poor kid, he looks like hes struggling against the evil hood that swears its vengance on OU fans the world over! hahahaha.
seriously though, made me lol

He And Me + 3 said...

yep..looks like my kids when we ventured out today too. So cold! Ugh. Ready for a heat wave of 32 again. LOL

McCrakensx4 said...

OMGosh..that pic made me crack up! It reminded me of the kid from the Christmas Story! It looks as though he can barley move!! Ryan figured that we were almost 100 warmer than MiMi and her fam where the wind chill was a balmy -30! Stay warm!

Nancy said...

the pic is too cute and I'm too envious :) we're in the teens at night, 30's during the days BUT no moisture so NO SNOW :/ argh!!!