Thursday, November 20, 2008

we created monsters

CJ and I are playing while waiting on Daddy to come home for the evening. (it is a late one for him) (wah)
Here is one of the activities we did to pass the time.

Aren't these the neatest stickers ever? Similar to potato heads, which is favorite toy in our family. Don't you also love his "cheesin it up" smile? (with eyes closed)

He got these new jammies today and I would like to have a pair for myself. They are so soft and warm.

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Lisa said...

Neat stickers!! I love the new jammies too. Cameron has the jammies with the feet as well and they keep him so warm at night. It is a late night for my hubby tonight as well. He won't be home til 10:30. Too bad we aren't closer...we could get together and let the kids play and we could sit down and enjoy a nice warm tea or cappuccino.

♥ Becky ♥ said...

I love those stickers they are so cute!!! And those types of smiles are the absolute best. :-)

Who doesn't love themselves some footie PJ's. They do make some in adult sizes but I think I would just feel weird wearing them. :-)

Shannon said...

My son is getting to where he doesn't like the one-piece pj's and it makes me sad. They're just so cute and little-boyish.

He And Me + 3 said...

Those are very cute stickers. Where did you find them? Love the Jammies too!

Davisix said...

Love, love, love the cheesing it up smile! And those jammies!! :) Ang

McCrakensx4 said...

waiting for daddy is so hard! been there done that and still do! cute jammies and neat stickers!

hilltopper said...

love the jammies, D cant wear that kind the body is always way too long and the legs too short so the body starts midway between his knees and his body.

kelly, hes looking like such a big boy these days. his baby face is going to be completely gone in no time.