Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this & that

WoW, it has happened. I can think of nothing to blog about today. Hmmm...maybe I should GET A LIFE!!! ha ha ha I have tons I would like to get done today, but NO motivation to get started. The house is spik n not cleaning today. Maybe a load of laundry to finish up. I have to pick my niece up from school/cheerleading this afternoon and take her home. Which reminds me that I HATE to drive in the dark. And with daylight savings ending it will be almost dark at that time. FUN. The hubs is working TWO HOURS away today. UGH. Makes for a long day for him and US. (me & CJ) We had a lady over last night from an insurance company to go over life insurance policies and possibly health insurance with us. UGH!!! Obviously I need maternity coverage, MOST women do right??? Well in order to get the maternity coverage it is $106.00 more EACH month and is NOT GOOD for the first year of coverage AT ALL. WHAT? Is that legal? I know it is, but come is NOT right!!! After the first year of coverage you can use it, BUT it still does not cover everything and won't cover ALL maternity expenses until AFTER five years. Ummm...I am thinking I could just save $100 a month for five years and pay for my OWN expenses, I would not need the insurance then. DUH!!! Ok, so that would ONLY be $6000.00 but still. Did I just say DUH? Not sure if anyone remembers, but a few weeks back I bought a flag to put on my Dad's grave. He has a garden flag holder at the head of his grave. Anyway, the flag was green with a bear fishing on it and said Go Fish. (just to refresh your memory. So I took the flag out to the cemetery and struggled to get it on the holder bc it was such a tight fit, but I managed. This was about a month ago. This past week the three of us (hubby, son and I) went out to put some flowers on his grave and the flag was GONE!!! Who does something like that? Steals from a grave? From a cemetery? From the deceased? Come on!!! I was in tears. It stills makes my stomach turn to think about it. I am in the process of buying another one. PJ says to buy a few of them and we will just keep replacing it. The sad thing is...we think we might know who took it. You see, this is not the first time something has come up missing from out there. And it is ALWAYS the things I take out. Never is it something my sister or niece or Grandma takes out. Isn't that SAD? If the above was not bad enough...yesterday I was trying to post a picture on here of my award and discovered that ALL my pictures from 2008 were GONE. History. For whatever reason it says the folder was corupt. ??? No clue!!! I was able to retrieve a FEW of them from another location, but only a few...hundreds are still MIA. This makes me SICK!!! I cried for an hour yesterday over this. Today is Veteran's Day and as I sit here typing this I can here the bands playing in the parade. I want to THANK all the Veterans' out there for the hard work, dedication and service. You help(ed) to make this country what it is today. And it does not go un-noticed or un-appreciated. Not in this house anyway. THANK YOU!!!

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McCrakensx4 said...

I am so sorry that someone would do that, how awful. If I lost all my pics I think I would cry longer than an hour. Hope you are able to retrieve some more :)

Lisa said...

I can't believe that someone would do that to your Dad's resting place!! Why take something that belonged to him?!? Oh-- if I lost my pictures I would be heartbroken too. Makes me wanna save all mine to a disk. Hang in there girl !!

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

My external drive is not working for me right now. I have pics on there back to 2004. I'll be SO upset if they are gone.

That stinks about the flag.

And wtf about the insurance? that's just crazy!