Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to....

Yes, today is my 30th Birthday. Which is why I have not visited your blogs yet today. I am sorry. My dear husband and son took me out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning. (my favorite place to eat. I could have stayed for Then we went to visit with my Mom at her work. (she works right across the way from CB) After that we came back into town and stopped to pick out pumpkins. (I will post pictures, later or maybe tomorrow of our creations, check back). Then we went to pick me up one of those lap pillows for the laptop to sit on (on my lap). Not sure what they are called.
Now we are just hanging out here at home.
My immediate family and a couple close friends are coming by in a couple hours for pizza and cake. FUN TIMES. Then the celebrating will be over until the sleepover on the 25th. (
Everyone have a great day and what I don't catch up on today (in blog world) I will tomorrow.

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He And Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! I hope that you have an awesome day & that the next year is even more blessed! I too love the Cracker Barrel. YUM! That is the only place I wanted to eat when I was pregnant with my first one. Maybe that is why I gained so much weight..Hmmm?
Anyways...Have a wonderful B-day!

hilltopper said...

sounds like a great 30th! and you didnt have to cook, that is always my favorite kind of celebration. see went to eat on my last b-day (check my july archives on my blog and Ds) at this japanese grill place where they cook your food at the table, D was scared to deathof the flames. but iit was good food!

happy rest of your birthday