Monday, September 22, 2008

to be a kid again

I will be turning 30 in just 11 days.

For a while now my BFF has been asking my what I want to do for this milestone birthday. I have thought of several ideas and changed my mind 100+ times.
The thing is I do not like asking my friends to spend money that they may or may not have to go out for me. So I wanted somethig simple and cheap, but fun. Lots of fun and memories.
In years past we have gotten togeher with friends and gone to dinner for each of our birthdays at an Italian restaurant, Bucca di Beppo's. (great place, I highly recommend it for large groups, must make reservations though) My BFF thought we needed to something a bit more than this for the big 3 0.
So I decided to have a sleep over. Yes a sleep over for 30 yr old adults. GIRLS only, NO BOYS ALLOWED, NO KIDS ALLOWED. Just us girls!!! Fun times and lots of new memories to be made. Each girl will bring a girly movie or a fun game to play, and a snack of some sorts. And we will get ice cream cake. I teased that we will need to use the Wii fit to burn off the extra calories we will consume. We will have 8-10 girls coming. One which was my best friend from grade school, that I have not kept too much in touch with and another who was my co-best friend in high school. Neither my BFF or myself have kept in touch with her in years, but I have her parents and address and I know she still lives in town.
So it is set...towards the end of October, we will be having a sleepover at my house for just us girls. It has to wait until the end of Oct. as we are BUSY in the month of Oct. We have our county fair and Boo @ the Zoo, the birthday will have to wait for all of that.
But it should be a lot of fun and I am really excited, just like a little kid.

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He And Me + 3 said...

I want to come! Sounds like so much fun! I am jealous! Being a Mom of 3, birthdays have become a thing of the past. Enjoy your party & take lots of pictures!

The weather was mid 70's here but not as Fall like as I would hope:) But we have not run the air in almost a week, so that is a positive!

hilltopper said...

oooohhhh the fair!!! you guys have a great fair! i love caramel apples!