Sunday, September 21, 2008

a new use for an ab lounge

I have the ab lounge. You know the piece of exercise equipment that is supposed to be fun and give you a flat tummy. (ha ha ha, it is not so much fun)
Anyway it is in our bedroom, bc that seems to be the one place it fits and that I will use it the most.
On the weekends, one night CJ gets to sleep in our room if he wants to. He used to just sleep in the bed with us, but lately his body temperature gets so high while he is asleep that he makes me hot. So we started making him a bed on the floor or we would bring his toddler mattress in for him to sleep on. Well this past weekend, Daddy made him a new special place to sleep. A tent...under the ab lounge.
Have a look...
As you can see, he loves it. So much so that we will probably have a hard time getting him to sleep in his fire truck bed tonight. Wish us luck.

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Me said...

ha ha we bought the exercise glider once from an infomercial while on vacation and sold it the next summer at a yard sale! so much for those things ;)
I love the snow in your header pic and am so envious. My husband and I love love love winter and we sure picked a heck of a place to live for that!!

He And Me + 3 said...

So cute. My kid love to make forts & little hideouts like that one too. Hope he went to sleep for you in his bed.

hilltopper said...

so fun, remember when you were a kid how much fun it was sleeping in a tent?