Monday, September 8, 2008

A wedding and a Baby

Yesterday we attended my step sisters wedding. First you should know that I am closer to my step sister than I am to my full blooded sister. We have sons that are close in age and share several common interests.
OK on with the story...
My step sis has been with her now hubby for 5-6 years, they have a son together and have been engaged for four years now. Last month I get an email from her saying they set a date. (it is not unusual for her to email instead of calling) Little did I know the date they set was actually only ONE MONTH away. YIKES!!! She wanted a small low key ceremony with only close family. (no friends, with the exception of the lady who made her cake, she is like family)
Step sis and hubby help to run an executive golf course (I guess that means it is 9 holes instead of 18) that his parents built/own. So they decided to have the ceremony there inside the clubhouse banquet room and have a dinner reception following at Brio (and awesome Italian bistro).
All went well, our son was the ring bearer, her son was the best man and our niece was the flower girl.

flower girl, best man, ring bearer

At the dinner toward the end we were all given a fortune cookie and asked to hold onto it and open them all together. When we did...we found the "fortunes" reading things like... Thanks for being a part of our special day, Love, bride, groom, son and baby or Congrats to all of our sons gparents, there is a new grandchild on the way or Our son is going to be a Big Brother etc. I thought this was such a cute idea. I am so thrilled to be an aunt again. I mean I only have seven nieces & nephews. (hahaha) This idea got me to thinking, how did you tell your family/friends you were expecting. Also did you a have a low key or high end wedding? I would love to hear your stories. Tomorrow I will tell you about my anything but ordinary wedding (or lack there of).

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