Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My "Wedding" Story

Well, yesterday I told of my step sisters wedding and promised to share with you my own wedding (or lack there of) story.
So, here it is...
First a little background.
My hubby and I have been together for six years (married just over a year). We have a three year old son together, which is probably why we waited so long to get married. I was adament about not getting married just because I got pregnant. So, we finally decided after CJ turned one to get married. Our plan was to not tell anyone and just go to the courthouse. We set the date and all was good. Well, someone had other plans...who knew you can no longer get married at the courthouse here in our county. You have to go to the capital of the state and then it is by appt only and they were scheduling for five months later.
The date we picked had special meaning to us. First it was my gparents anniv. and second, it was our five year anniv of being a couple. So I did not want to change that. We decided to take it as a sign and go ahead with an actual wedding the following year on the same date. We told my parents and booked the church, minister, reception hall, etc. I asked the attendants and even went dress shopping. It was the end of Nov, just before Thanksgiving and I was planning a July wedding. All was looking good.
The day before Thanksgiving, I had plans to meet with my Mom and sister for lunch and go over some things. While I was getting myself and my son ready I received three phone calls from my Mom. My cell phone was down stairs and I was up, so I did not hear it ring. I check my voice mail and called her back. My Dad had fallen and was not responding and the squad had been called. My life for the next couple weeks went on hold. I rushed out the door to my Gma's, where my Dad lived and arrived and got in the house just as the paramedics were bringing him up. He flat lined a few times on the way from the basement to the squad and on the way to the hospital.
I am getting a little off course here, I apologize...a long story, short here...he had suffered from a heart attack, he received a bypass (not sure if it was double, triple, what). He was still unresponsive and remained this way for two weeks. After six days in ICU, he was removed from life support and moved to pallative care where he remained, as did we for the next nine days. Even though we knew he had no chance, I still prayed day and night that a mircale would come through for him.
While I this was happening, I knew that I could not continue with my plans for a wedding. Not without my Dad to walk me down the aisle and give me away. Not without him there for a Father/Daughter dance at the reception. I just could not go through with it.
After talking all of this over with my fiance, I went to my Mom and told her just that. She spoke with her husband and they decided to give us money to allow us to go away to be married.
I did not want to be married by Elvis (not that there is anything wrong with that), so we decided to go to Tennessee, to the mountains and find a chapel. So through a lot of searching online I found something that was a little out of the ordinary, which was what I was wanting.
Here is a few pics, to see my "wedding" day...
yes, I got married at a drive thru chapel
us just after getting married
everyone that went with us.

the cabin that we stayed in while in TN

our view, breathtaking

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