Saturday, September 6, 2008

A child's Imagination

My son has one wild and extremely vivid imagination. He, like most boys his age, LOVES fire trucks, monster trucks, dump trucks, etc. He also loves garbage and recycling trucks. (is this strange or normal for a 3yr old boy?)
He likes these trucks so much that he watches a dvd over and over and over again called All About Garbage and Recycling. Yesterday he was watching it and got the bright idea that his bed (which happens to be a fire truck toddler bed) could double as a garbage truck. So instead of collecting garbage from around the house (thank you God for the small things), he collected a bunch of his toys from his room and put them on the back of the bed to pretend he was driving his garbage truck.
As if that was not cute enough, he then proceeded to take his nap curled up in his makeshift fire truck/garbage truck bed.
Have a look...

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hilltopper said...

im cracking up on this one! Ds fave thing is on tuesday morning bright and early the garbage truck comes!