Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the search for dress shoes for a 3 yr old

This Sunday, Sept. 7th, my son will be the ring bearer in my little sisters' wedding. We have a tux for him that my older sister bought for him about a year and a half ago and it now fits him really well. So we have been trying to find him dress shoes to go with it, since his dress shoes from last Christmas no longer fit, go figure. Finally today, after three weeks of looking, we went to Payless and low and behold we found a pair. YaY!!! They cost $18.00!!! ??? WHY? He is three!!! We will be lucky if he wears them more than once, possibly twice. So why the high cost? I was smart (or so I think) and bought them a little big, hoping he can wear them with his suit for Christmas Church service. (and of course Christmas pix)

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