Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Public Library

I am starting to question why I even bother going there. I came across a new author that I wanted to check out, so off to our public library I went. As usual they do not have any of her books. They do not carry her at all. I had done my research before going to the library, she is a popular author. Our library is not small, it is a big library. No reason for them to not carry her. UGH! This is not the first time I have not been able to find an author or a book that I want. I usually end up trying to find them on ebay, bc we do not have a decent book store here either. On the up side, they do have a nice childrens floor with a lot of good books, dvds, cds, & games for the kids. As well as offering story time, sometimes with characters and activities. I guess it is a trade off and one I am OK with, I guess. It is more important for the kids to have the library as a resource then it is for me.

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He And Me + 3 said...

I hear ya. I was looking for a book for my 8 year old, she had given me the title and author. I couldn't find it anywhere or even at a library close enough to drive to. I feel your pain. I do like that they have added CDs and DVDs to check out, that is a nice bonus. Better luck next time. Ebay is a good 2nd choice. I love it on Ebay!

hilltopper said...

and they do have a ton of movies, right? so i guess if you dont want to read the book you just want to see the movie you are set. but yeah, the fiction section is quite limited.