Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Little Fireman is all set now

Halloween is coming up and while it is far from my type of Holiday, I feel that it is a fun part of being a child to get to dress up and go door to door and get some goodies.
We (the boy and I) decided a few months back that he would be a fireman. This after all is his favorite thing. We here all day and night..."woo woo woo". (his version of a fire trucks siren)
So today we went shopping for his costume. We go into the store filled with hundreds of different costumes. And now my son wants to be spiderman, Thomas the Train and many others he saw. Some how we were able to convince him that he would indeed rather be a fireman.
We bought the fireman costume and I came home and ordered him the coolest backpack. It looks like an the oxygen tanks the firemen where on their backs when going into a fire.
So now I am ready for the Halloween festivities. Trick or Treating and Boo @ the Zoo. Bring them on.

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hilltopper said...

cute! D has decided that he wants to wear his dragon costume from last year, since it still fits im so getting off cheap, so a dragon it will be, unless MIL gets wind of the injustice of a kid having to wear the same costume twice, but family, ya gotta love em"

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the costume, he is a cutie! I cannot wait to post some pics of the kids in their mom is making some add ons to the girls. We do Boo@the zoo too. We love it! Get as much wear out of their costumes as you can is my philosophy:)