Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are outta here…Good news & not so good news

The time has come.

The good news is…

We are moving…in TWO weeks!!! Yikes…lots to do!

The not so good news…

We will (temporarily) be moving into my Mom’s house.  UGH!!! Really it is OK. She has plenty of room for the 3 of us and it will allow us to SAVE SAVE SAVE.  :) That is always a plus.  We will be @ my Mom’s for about 5-6 months.

We will start house hunting again around Christmas/New Years. 

This is bittersweet for us. It is the first home we have ever owned. It is the house we moved into as a family of 3. It is the house we have  renovated for the past 4 yrs. It is the only home that Collin knows as his own.  But life changes, people change, circumstances change, most everything changes, so we must change with it.

Lots of changes are still coming.

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Nancy said...

Girl, we have moved more times than some people buy cars haha It's always an adventure for me and with your attitude it will be for your family as well. Sending tons of hugs and laughter!! and keep us posted! Some of my favorite days were those where Jenny and Brandon were with us!