Friday, August 21, 2009

on a roll…

Since we will be moving in with my Mom & step dad in about 10 days, I have been on a cleaning & purging spree.

We plan to sell, give away & donate a lot of our furniture as it is time for new. I have NEVER had an BRAND NEW furniture. EVER. (with the exception of my mattress) Everything I have ever bought or been given has been second hand…”new to me”. Which has never bothered me, bc most everything I had looked new and I was thankful for it.
But now is the time for me to get to pick out my own furniture. I found an awesome discount furniture store here in our town and they have the BEST lay a way plan ever. You pick out what you want…put a down payment on it (whatever amt you want) then make payments (in any amt) every two weeks until it is paid. At which point you pick up your furniture.
Isn’t that GREAT? There is no holding fee, no financing charge, etc. It can not be beat. Plus the prices are cheaper than if you go to the larger retail showrooms.
We are ordering our couch this weekend. We have been paying on it for the past 6 weeks and have just one more payment to make and it will be ours. It will of course go into storage until we move out of my Mom’s, but it will be nice knowing it is ours and it is waiting on us. Next we are looking for a new dining/kitchen set. Part of our new furniture is going to be a Christmas gift from my family. (how great is that?)

I am so anxious to set out on this new journey.

So far we have sold a couch & chair for my Mom (they are taking our our current set for their basement). I am waiting now on someone to come and pick up our dining table & chairs. And up next  to go is a large dresser & our patio table.

I also have a large box of clothes to donate to the Goodwill.

So how often to you replace your furniture? Do you buy new, used or get hand me downs from friends/family? How often does your style change?

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McCrakensx4 said...

We have always had hand me down furnature too until a few years ago...we finally bought a new dining room table and chairs, a TV entertainment center and a recliner! As for our bedroom set, that was my hubby's while he was growing up...way old! I hope the move goes well! Good luck!