Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Brother



Do you watch?
I almost wish I didn’t, but I do.  Each season (year) I say I am not going to watch the next one, but it ALWAYS drags me back in.

This is mainly the only reality show I watch. I have finally broken myself from The Bachelor/Bachelorette.
I have never been on the American Idol or Survivor train. My Mom lives & breathes American Idol. 

So do you watch reality tv? If so what?

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Lisa said...

Oh yes... DH and I are big reality tv junkies! We ARE NOT into American Idol and haven't been for a few years. I did however watch the The Bachelorette and I am currently watching More to Love and Big Brother. We also love Biggest Loser!

Jill said...

Mark and I NEVER miss a season or an episode of Big Brother! Sad, hey? LOL! But sadly I also watch The Hills, Miami Social, Housewives of Atlanta, PPolice Women of Broward County, Miami Ink, etc...
You must wonder if I ever take my eyes OFF of the TV. LOL! I like to DVR them all and watch them after everyone in asleep!
Hugs girl!

Angela said...

I am so addicted to reality TV! I love Design Star and Survivor. Your blog is really cute!

Crystal said...

I love Big Brother. It took me awhile to get into the show this year but I did and love the show. I really want Jeff to win, but I am sure he won't because no one I ever like does.

Poirier Family said...

Yep I too watch Big Brother, and Survivor. I just can't help but watch it. It's like a car accident you just have to look.