Thursday, July 16, 2009

McRae Family

mckrae Meet the McRae family. 
Kids-Olivia, Kate & Will

Just two and a half weeks ago their lives were changed when they found out their middle daughter, Kate, age 5, has a brain tumor. She has since had a craniotomy and bc of the location of the tumor it could not all be removed. She will start chemo, most likely next week. They (the docs) do not want her to have radiation bc of her age and other issues.
Since finding the tumor they have not left the Children’s Hospital in AZ.

They can use our prayers. I have been following their story @ their Caring Bridge site.
The road ahead of them is long, but they know the Great Physician and all he is capable of.  He provides us with miracles each day. He knows the road that lies ahead of sweet Kate as He has already walked it. She will not go through anything that He is unaware of and He will never leave her side.

As if dealing with this was not enough for them, they found out today that their son, Will age 3 (I think), has a growth on his vocal cords and will need to have surgery soon to remove it. the Dr. does not feel that it is cancerous, (Praise God) but none the less Will does need surgery which will require general anesthesia and come with a recovery period of its own.

This family covets our prayers for their children and for themselves. That they will be able to divide their time and be there for both of their children in their times of need while not leaving their oldest daughter, Olivia out.
Please prayer for the children and their individual needs, but also for strength,rest and wisdom for the parents. I can not imagine what they are going through right now.
Please also pray for all the doctors involved in both Kate & Will’s  treatments and surgeries.


Don’t you just love the blog world and how we can all come together to prayer for those who need our prayers that we may never meet this side of the pearly gates?

God is AWESOME!!!

You can visit their Caring Bridge site for more info and updates below.

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Nancy said...

Thanks for passing this on, Kelly~

He & Me + 3 said...

Thanks for letting us know. How did you find out about this?

McCrakensx4 said... scary. PHX Children's Hospital is great; my Colin has been there a few times! Thanks for the post, heading over there now.