Thursday, July 16, 2009

Collin, back to himself

Collin funny faces July 15 2009 001Collin funny faces July 15 2009 002

Collin funny faces July 15 2009 003

If it were not for the small(ish) patch of hair that is still missing (but slowly growing in) and the scar on the top of his head, you would not know that this boy had brain surgery just 3 short weeks ago.
We are getting back to our life as we knew it prior to the surgery/recovery. Collin can be around kids again and go out and about. So that makes us all happier.

We are back to working on our ABC’s. He knows them, but boy is he stubborn when I try to get him to tell me them or sing the song etc. He goes to pre-school in the fall. Just 2 days a week. I think he will love it, but he is not too happy about it when you mention it to him now. 
This Sunday he will get to return to church with his friends. And then tuesday he can go back to childcare in the evenings while Daddy goes to FPU (financial peace university by Dave Ramsey) 

I will try and get a picture of his head tomorrow and post it. It looks so much better than the last pictures I posted. :)

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Nancy said...

thankful your baby is better! for I know this brings peace back into your world :)
love and hugs,

McCrakensx4 said...

Praise God that he is feeling back to old Collin! He looks great.