Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Collins MRI results

So yesterday Collin went back to Children’s Hospital for another MRI (he has had several since 2006) and to meet with our new Neurosurgeon (our previous one moved to AZ) and get the results of the MRI.
His appt was in the afternoon, so this is what we started our day with…
misc 002
Collin walked smack into the hutch in the dining room.  AND did not even whimper.
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The good news here is he is fine and it looks 100% better today.
Always a plus we were seeing the neurology dept. :)

So, onto the appt & results. 
I first want to disclose that I am just a Mom, I am not a Dr. nor do I play one on my blog. I do not have the knack for medical terminology that MckMama has, unfortunately for me & you.

I can not remember if I addressed this before, so just in case I did not, I will catch you up. Back in 2006 when Collin had his first seizure, the ER here @ our local hospital ran a CT scan, where they found one of his ventricles (on his brain) was slightly larger than the other. This sent us down a long road of trying to find out why and what to do. While it was decided by us, as well as his Neurosurgeon @ the time to just monitor it since he was excelling in all other areas and it seemed he was still able to drain the spinal fluid properly, so there was no use in doing a risky “brain” surgery if it was not absolutely needed.

At today’s MRI and follow up it was shown to us that the ventricle is still enflamed (larger) than it should be and it is starting to push things out of the way and could be causing pressure to his brain, thus causing the recent seizures. Though they can not be sure. (remember he had an EEG and it came back NORMAL)
Because of the ventricle pushing “things” out of the way, it is the Neurosurgeon’s opinion that the spinal fluid is no longer draining properly, but is being absorbed elsewhere.

This needs to be fixed and leaves us with 3 options…
1. do nothing and wait (since Collin is thriving in all other areas)
2. a shunt
3. going into the brain with a camera to see with human eyes what exactly is going on. And then reconstructing a path for the spinal fluid to drain. 
All 3 options have risks. We, at this point are leaning towards option 3, but have not decided yet. We will meet back with the Neurosurgeon in a week to a month, after we make our decision to get things started.
We are placing this in God’s hands and trust him fully that we will make the best decision we can for Collin. I wish that I could say by doing that it makes this easier for us, but we are still struggling with this.

Please continue to lift our son in prayer that we will make the best decision for him.

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Lisa said...


I am so sorry that you all have to deal with difficult decisions like this. We sometimes go about our days and think that other things that come along are such hard decision, but when something like this is put on your plate and you need to make such a hard decision for the most precious little one in your life...well, it tends to rattle you a little bit (I am sure). I am keeping you and your husband in my prayers that you make the right decision for Collin and I pray that God will lay his hands on Collin and heal him. Allow the doctors to find out what is causing the problems and allow them to fix it.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


blessedmomto7 said...


How SCARY. Scary to us but God already knows the answer. I will pray that God leads you down the path he wants you to take. That he will give you great clarity in this situation. HUGS!


He And Me + 3 said...


I will be praying. I can only imagine the anxiety over this that you are feeling. I will pray for peace for you decision too.
Thank you for the update.

Susie said...

I'm praying that God reaches you with that soft little voice -- deep inside your gut soon, and lets you know what his plans are for Collin.
I'm also praying that Collin continues to live, laugh, and love for tons of decades to come--and please help him to stop running into the hutch--OUCH!! Poor thing!

I may be a slacker blogger these days, but I am an email away if you want to just vent. I'm here for you friend. Take care,


Shannon said...

Hard decisions to make. I will add Collin to my prayer list.

hilltopper said...

we will definately have collin in our prayers.

what an unnerving situation.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Continuing to lift you in prayer.

McCrakensx4 said...

lifting collin, and you, up in prayer as you make this decision. put it into God's hands...for He is here. please keep us updated. take care, stacey ((hugs))

Nancy said...

bless your heart, Kelly, and I will send prayers and hugs tonight ~ please keep us updated. Wish I could help with the choices, but I have no, no, no background in this area ~ much love, Nancy

Kelly said...

Still in our prayers! Scary, I am sure!