Monday, June 29, 2009

all about Collin

first let me apologize for not posting sooner. Things have been crazy around here to say the least. Not to mention I came home to a broken laptop.  :(  (good news though, I got a NEW one)  YaY!!! Oh and paid cash for it. (hubby is taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univ.)
And I wanted to take some time to clear my head and remember the details to have for us for Collin later.

Most of you follow me on facebook, so you know most of what has been going on. For those of you who don’t and for me to have a clear recollection,  here we go.

We arrived @ Children’s last tuesday just before 8AM. We were to be there by 8:10am for surgery @ 10:10am.
We check in, fill out a couple forms and are immediately called back to the “holding” room, where the nurses, anesthesiologist, Dr, etc come to check Collin over, ask questions of us, and go over the procedure once last time. 
Things move rather quickly for awhile.  Our young adults Minister from Church comes by to see us & Collin and to pray with us prior to the surgery. (He also has a son Collin’s age and they are our neighbors)
My Mom & step dad arrive and we are just hanging out WAITING. and waiting and waiting.
During all of the waiting Collin was able to go to the Ocean Room and pick out a toy. All kids having surgery get to pick a toy from the Ocean room, which is basically a large closet FILLED to over flowing with toys.

Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 003  
Collin chose a Dr’s kit…how appropriate.
And he proceeded to use us as his patients.

 Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 014Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 019  

When the Nurse Practitioner came in to check Collin out, she asked if she could get anything for him…he said “a drs suit”. What he wanted was a pair of scrubs like all the drs were wearing. She told him she could not get him a pair in his size, but she could get him a hat, mask and shoe covers.  He agreed and she came back with them… 
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 012 
the future Dr. Collin  ;)

And the waiting continued, so we were allowed to go to the toy room, where Collin could pick out a couple toys, games or books to occupy some of the time.
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 038
He has been wanting this very book from Kohl’s for a long time, so this really helped to pass the time along.
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 027 Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 031  Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 036

We also opened presents from our cousins in Indiana. THANKS Susie & family…Collin says “these are the BEST cars EVER”.
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 028
and the wait continues
Finally @ 12:05 pm (TWO hrs after he was to be in surgery) they came to get him. And we were off to the waiting room.

I did not get any pictures of them taking him bc he was crying and I was crying and my Mom was crying and it was just a mess.

The surgery itself was to take 1hr…and @ 1;10pm Dr. G came in to talk to us. He did find an abnormality and was able to realign Collin’s pathway for his spinal fluid to drain. He had been re-absorbing the spinal fluid prior to this. He was a little concerned bc when he first went into Collin’s head he did not know where he was at…turns out bc of the dilated ventricle he was not in the correct spot and had to come out and go back in. He thought there could be some temporary nerve damage to Collin’s left side, but assured us that it would only be temporary.  He tells us he will order a CT scan for the morning to be sure.
Now just more waiting until Collin is out of recovery.
Shortly Dr. G comes back in to tell us Collin is starting to wake up a little, but it will take some time and that he decided to go ahead and have the CT scan done today.
About an hour & half later  they come wheeling Collin out of recovery for us to join him for his CT scan.  He is groggy, but alert and wants either Me or Daddy to be with in his sight at all times.
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 039
His Thomas (aka Comfy) blanket and Handy Manny (aka his son) got to go into surgery with him.

He lays real still for the CT scan and now we are on our way to his room.
Once in his room he is in and out of sleep, but does not complain about pain.

Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 048
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 049
his bandage is in the shape of a heart. One nurse commented that in the 11yrs she has been @ Children’s she has never seen a heart bandage. We have no idea who did this as Dr. G was surprised as well.  :)

The CT scan showed no damage and Collin is moving both sides of his body equally. :)


Collin does get sick three times…mostly from the anesthetic. He eats some crackers and popsicles and drinks sprite.
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 050 
Collin sleeps pretty good through out the night and still does not complain about the pain. He does not act too much like himself, but that is to be expected.

The next day, he is allowed up to move around some and that makes him feel better, but he still wears out easily. What do we expect the poor boy just had brain surgery.
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 061 Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 057
The view just outside of his window was of a HUGE playground.

About 3:30-4pm we were released to come home…YAY!!!
Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 070 Collin surgery 62309 Childrens Hospital 073

THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and words of encouragement. They have meant SO much to us. The blogging world is AMAZING!!!
I just LOVE how so many come together through the Lord and the internet.

We go back to Dr. G on Monday for a follow up and will have another MRI in Aug-Sept.
If all goes well, after the MRI we should be able to start weaning Collin off his seizure medicine. That will be another PRAISE!!!

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Lisa said...

Praise God!! So happy to hear that all is well. I have been so worried and once I saw everything on FB... I was relieved to say the least.


P.S. Cameron is


me t
-can you tell?

He And Me + 3 said...

That is great news Kelly. Please keep us posted. You for sure have it all documented well. Even with pictures.
So glad our prayers have been answered.

Nancy said...

Girl, you are one brave soul ~ prayers of thanksgiving!! and here's one for a peaceful week of recovery and strength :)

Jill said...

Praise the Lord!
I have been hoping things had turned out okay! Been thinking of you guys!!
Hugs, Jill
(P.S. Enjoy the new computer!!!)

Susie said...

Hooray! Kelly you did a great job!!!!!! Sounds like Collin was one star patient--and thank heavens he's all AOK!! Phew.

You are one fantastic mom for getting him through all of that--really. I mean it.

hilltopper said...

thanks for the step by step ! im so glad to see hes doing well. im sure you all feel so much relief that that the "big stuff" is over.

Kelly said...

PTL... The Lord is so good and faithful!

McCrakensx4 said...

Kelly, I am so glad that he did so well and the outcome was a success. Praise God. I know how it is to send a child off into surgery and it is hard. I cried, a lot, too! Continuing to pray for his recovery. And even though I did follow this on FB, I am glad that I was able to read it in entirety here! Great shots, too BTW!