Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You asked…I am answering

Last week I asked you to send me your questions and I would answer them.  I apologize for being tardy in posting this…last week got CRAZY busy and I lost track of time. SORRY!

So here we go…
MiMi from He And Me + 3 asked…

Where did you and hubby meet?
(this is a picture of our actual high school)

Great question MiMi! Thanks!
The short answer: we met in home room our Junior year of high school. Though he is insistent that we met while riding the bus prior to this. 
In homeroom, we sat next to one another. I was (and still am) a  talker, so I would chat with him, but never really knew him. We had numerous friends in common, but never really hung out.
The long answer…Fast forward five years after graduation and we “re-met” while I was out with friends. I had just gotten out of a bad 4 yr relationship. I was NOT looking for a relationship, but slowly through a great friendship (which remains) it became more and more. Six years later, here we are married with Collin. :)

MiMi also asked:
If you could live anywhere and vacation anywhere...where would they be?
Well in case you did not know, I live in the Buckeye State of Ohio.  And while I am a HUGE Buckeye fan  I would LOVE to move to Tennessee.  Preston and I were married there and can not wait to go back. (possibly for Thanksgiving this year)
state of TN

And as for vacationing…I would also pick TN…there is so much to do there and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! But, I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit Alaska, possibly an Alaskan Cruise. I am a huge fan of winter and have always wanted to go to Alaska for an extended vacation.  Experience the weather and the day light & darkness they have 6 months of.
alaska cruise

Kelly from Our Family Ramblings! asked:
If you had one thing to do over, what would it be? Why?
Hmmm…this is a tough question.  I would be lying if I said I had not thought about this before. Honestly though I am a firm believer that our pasts make us who we are today. Mistakes and all. I was very lucky that I had a Dad who allowed me to make my own mistakes and not and have me (only) learn from his mistakes. 
That being said, I would not do anything over too drastically, but I would have liked it if I were more out going in school.  I was always too shy. 
I have become, through the years, more out going and not as shy, though I still am when I meat someone new.
Shannon from Sunshine and Open Hearts asked:
Where was your honeymoon?
Technically Shannon, I did not have a honeymoon.
My husband & I were married in Gatlinburg, TN where we stayed for four days.  However,Collin, my Mom, step dad, step sister, her boyfriend & their son, my husband’s Mom, step dad, Gma & Gpa, Aunt & Uncle ALL came with us. We rented a large cabin in the Smoky Mts.  And  if that were not enough to not consider it a true honeymoon…Aunt Flo showed up as well.  (sorry if that was TMI)
We have talked about possibly having a honeymoon in the future, but I think with Collin seizures he will be coming with us.  :) If/when the time comes for a honeymoon, we will be going  back to TN. We LOVE it there.

 cabin in tn 
(these are pics of the cabin we stayed in during our “wedding” weekend)
cabin in tn2

Stacey from McCrakensX4 asked:
Was Collin an easy pregnancy?
Yes, he was an easy pregnancy (only threw up twice, no complications etc), but he was a HARD delivery. After being a week late, I was induced…went through 24 hrs of labor and still NO baby. So I was taken in for an emergency c-sec.  Collin was moving up the birth canal rather than down it. (???)

(sorry I have no pics on this computer of me while I was pregnant, so this one will have to do)
baby collin
(collin on the way home from the hospital)

Stacey also asked:
Did you have any weird cravings while you were pregnant?
NO, I did not.  In all fairness though, I have weird cravings when not pregnant, so I am not sure what would be considered  weird for me during pregnancy. 

Tarah @ Eyeglasses & Endzones asked:
What is your favorite brand of jeans?
Levi’s hands down. I also wear Gap and Old Navy jeans, but if I had to pick just one brand and ONLY wear those, it would be Levi’s. 
Tarah also asked:
Do you have a favorite book? Other than the Bible...something you could read over and over again?
Hmm…I would have to say Chicken Soup for the Soul books…other tthan those, once I have read a book, I am typically done with it. I guess if I have not read the book for a long time I could  re-read it. (I also do not like to watch most movies over & over) And as a bonus to this question…my favorite type of  book to read is either an auto-biography or self-help type (ie: Chicken Soup for the Soul, etc)
chicken soup

Thank you so much for ALL of your questions. I enjoyed answering them all.

As for the winner, I will be back a little later with that info. I have to get lunch for a hungry little boy.  ;)

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Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

These are always fun. Loved hearing your answers, not sure how I missed the questions post though.... I love Levi's too, my favorite, have been for a very long time...

McCrakensx4 said...

So much fun learning more about you and your family! As for can have it!(although an Alaskan cruise might me nice!)

Shannon said...

Fun reading! I LOVE Tennessee. We're about 4 hours from Gatlinburg and my parents live in the far eastern tip of TN way in the mountains. Love it!

Earlier this month hubby and I went on a marriage retreat with the church, no kids, and good old Aunt Flo showed up. What timing!

He And Me + 3 said...

Great answers. That was fun getting to know you better. These women came up with some good questions. Great job!