Monday, April 27, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

This past weekend we went for a drive to a nearby lake. We are thinking of moving there, once our house sells.
Isn't it beautiful?  (yes, since you asked...I did take that picture. Oh, sorry you didn't ask!)
Collin April 26-27 2009 024

We also went for ice cream while we were there. Yummm...

Today was Collin's EEG. We won't have the results for approximately 10 days. He did GREAT. He listened and followed all the instructions he was given, including falling asleep.  I was so proud.
collins eeg

Since he did so well, his Maw-kle (pronounced Ma-Kohl and is what he calls my Mom, his Grandma) bought him the Imaginex Bat Cave he has been wanting. He was thrilled.
bat cave

Since so many of you asked...NO I did not make the cake, but my sister did. It is a hobby of hers and she does not do it for a living, just for family. It took 8 cake mixes and many lbs of icing. But it was SO GOOD!!!
She also made his first birthday cake...
collins 1st cake
I just realized that I may have too much time on my hands. Why? Because each time I share pictures with you I first run them through scrapblog. It is a great (mostly) free online scrapbooking site. Never tried them out? You won't be sorry you did, but be warned is ADDICTING!!! .
I would have included a picture of Collin from his first birthday party, but I do not have any of them saved on this computer.    :(          Sorry.

I am watching Dancing with the Stars as I work on this and I am very upset that Melissa is injured and won't be dancing this evening. I hope she is all right and able to return next week. I am nervous what this will mean for her & Tony.

Tomorrow we have someone coming to give us an estimate on a new fence. We are also looking for someone to install a new bath tub for us. This is one of the few things Preston is not comfortable doing on his own. What lucky buyers we will have (soon)...a new fence, a new tub, a new electric hot water heater, a freshly stained/painted deck, newly painted shudders, a 2 yr old remodeled kitchen, all new plumbing and electric, new carpet and wood floors through out, a three year old furnace. (the list could go on)  I will be so glad to move on from here.

I think this post is long enough. More tomorrow, possibly.     :)

One last thing... PRAISE the Lord...Stellan was discharged from Boston Children's Hospital earlier today and will be returning with his MckMama tomorrow to his home and many siblings and Father. What a sweet reunion that will be. Please say a prayer for MckMama and Stellan for a safe flight home tomorrow.


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He And Me + 3 said...

Great scrapbook pages. So glad that Collin did so well. Cool Bat Cave too. Stunt Man would totally love it. He is so into batman and superman these days. Beautiful sunset picture too.

Shannon said...

Will be praying for Collin!! I have epilepsy and was diagnosed at age 18. I'm very familiar with the EEG's and am impressed with how well your little guy did!

Lisa said...

So happy that Collin did ok today. My heart goes out to that little guy!! I love that cake...very cute! The picture that you took at the lake is beautiful...that would be great waking up to that every morning and going to sleep seeing that.

McCrakensx4 said...

I love the scrapbook pages! Very cute! And we will be praying for Collin...hoping that you get the answers you are praying for and as for the cakes...amazing!!!

Susie said...

WOW, Collin is a trouper. WHat a brave little guy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.
I just checked out the scrapblog, and I will be there quite a bit--very cool! Thanks for sharing.

That is one beautiful sunset. How cool to live there!