Monday, March 9, 2009


I must apologize for my absence. It was not planned and nothing was/is wrong.
Thank you to those who emailed to check on me. You made me feel special.

I just abruptly took a short break from the world of blogging. Not really sure why. I just felt I needed a small break. I did pop in & out on a couple times, but did not post many (if any) comments. I will be catching up with you all this week, I promise.
I have missed each of you. You're like family now.  :)

We had a couple play dates this past week. One was with my (step) sister & her son. My (step) sister is pregnant and scheduled to be induced this thursday. She is having another little boy. How exciting.    :) I can not wait.

We also had a friend of ours from high school and her husband and kids over for lunch and a play date. It was lots of fun too. My friends oldest (a girl) is just a month older than C.  He LOVED having kids to play with this past week. He will LOVE pre-school come fall.

My friend's husband made dessert...fried ice cream. It was yummy. Once we make it and I write down the recipe, I will share it with you. YUM!!!!!

I started "working"...sort of. Our church needed help with their childcare on tuesday evenings and thursday mornings, so I signed up to help out. I find that each tuesday I am dragging myself there, but once there I have so much fun with the kids. C comes with me and he enjoys this time too, but wants his Mom to help with the babies instead of his age group. HA
I think the only reason I am dragging myself there is bc we leave about the same time P gets home from work. And we don't get back home until 9:30 and I am usually beat. 20-30 3-8yr olds can wear you out FAST.  ;)

Well that is a quick round up of what is going on here. I can not wait to see what you all are up to.

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Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. I find myself taking breaks from time to time too. I always miss everyone though...

Nancy said...

We all need breaks :) and putting it all out there into the blogging world, there are times we need to be still, be quiet, and just be. sending a good hug and smile, Nancy

Susie said...

Hi Kelly! Welcome back! I finally did the pay it forward with your Chicken Soup book. I'll post later on today who won.
I totally get the break. I need them too. Besides when the weather is as good as it was, who wants to be inside on the computer? Not me! SOunds like you had lots of fun last week and are rockin' busy. Talk to you soon!

McCrakensx4 said...

Glad to hear that you are still alive!! I know what you mean about needing a break! I did that a few weeks ago! Playdates are always so much fun. While living in MI we were part of a play group that met every Monday at alternating houses. It was so much fun just to get out and talk to adults while the kids had things to do! Hope you have a great week and I can't wait for that recipe, cuz I HEART FRIED ICE CREAM!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Glad you are back..was missing you. How cool to have a little job that you can take C to. That is awesome. I know what you mean about dragging yourself there sometimes. I did that with my parttime job too. How fun to have play dates. I love it when Stunt Man and I have friends to hang with. Very fun.