Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A little project

My Mom (finally) gave me this cupboard that I have been wanting for several years now. It belonged to her Grandmother and was pass to my Grandma and then on to my Aunt. When my Aunt moved she gave it to my Mom. And now, almost 12 years after my Grandma passed away it is mine. I am so thankful. I love getting furniture (or anything for that matter) that has been passed through my family. Most everything(but not everything) in my house has come from family and I love it that way.

Misc 2009 052
This particular cupboard has been painted and painted and painted and painted some more. I have no idea how many colors it has been in years past, but the ones I can remember are blue, green, burgundy, and purple. My Mom painted it purple about a year ago. Well I have nothing purple in my house, so it had to painted again.




I got to work on it yesterday and restored it to its former color of....
burgundy.  ;-)

Misc 2009 055  Misc 2009 056

Misc 2009 057
I have every intention of buying some nice dishes to put in there someday, but until then my "everyday" dishes will have to do. 

3 ?'s, comments or concerns:

Lisa said...

Your purple cupboard and my purple bathroom definitely needed a new look (lol). I love the new did a wonderful job!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Love the new color and I love the cupboard!! Glad you finally got it!

hilltopper said...

looks nice with everyday dishes.