Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tour of My Home

As of this afternoon our house is for sale. (YAY) Please say a quick prayer this journey is a quick and smooth one for us. THANKS.

We are still working on the final touches, but it will all be done SOON.

A couple weeks ago a dear friend and fellow blogger, Monica from life on the hilltop suggested that I take you on a tour of our home. Our first home, before it sells. I thought this was a GREAT idea and decided to take her up on it.  :) Thanks for the super idea.

WELCOME to Our Home!

more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 019 
Please, come in...                            our entry way
more house pix 002  more house pix 003 
     through the doorway to your left, C's playroom
more house pix 001 
the original fireplace and tile work (sits across from the window in the above pic)  Yes in the playroom.
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 018
and then on into our family room
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 009
the door on the right will take you upstairs, but before we go there...
more house pix 004
Let's take a peek into the kitchen, shall we?

We had a much larger kitchen table and just down sized to this one.
It gives us so much more space. We love it. We call this "room" the dining AREA, bc it is connected and open to the kitchen.
kitchen table 001
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 007
I was really hoping for black appliances, but since we are selling, no need for them now.  :) I just LOVE the walls in the kitchen.
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 005
and this is the ceiling above the kitchen...
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 008
next we will go into the half bath, which is right off the back of
the kitchen.
more house pix 005 
Our laundry "room", which is just a closet is behind these doors
in this 1/2 bath...I will spare you that though.  ;)
more house pix 006 
Are you ready to head upstairs? Ok...
more house pix 007
You have already seen our master bedroom, but incase you missed that post, here ya go.
on to C's fire truck bedroom...
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 010
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 012  more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 011
Next we will go take a look at the office, which could also be a
3rd bedroom.
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 013
it is a small bedroom.  The door behind the white chest,
overlooks the kitchen area with the raised ceiling and rail.
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 014
and last, and maybe least our full bath
Which will be getting a tub, very soon.  :)
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 015
the toilet area...if you REALLY want to see it. ;)
just a side note...the trim still needs to be put down in this room, so please don't mind it.  :) (thanks)
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 016

I hope you enjoyed your tour of our home.
Please come back again soon.

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He And Me + 3 said...

Yeah for you taking the plunge. It shouldn't be hard to sell your house. It is beautiful and the hardwood floors are GORGEOUS! I want them so badly. Love the outside look too. All white. Very nice. Hope it sells in a day:)

McCrakensx4 said...

Love the look of your house! Farm houses with big porches are my fav! The floors and high cieling are great too! Thanks for the tour!

blessedmomto7 said...

SO HOMEY! Makes me want to swing on the front porch and have you make me some home made cinammon rolls :)

Nancy said...

Good luck, good luck!! We sold ours in 10 days :) but I staged it really good. Took out much of the personal items and made sure each room looked open and spacious. Where are you going from here?! And hope all of you are healthy today!!

Lisa said...

Good for you for making the decision to put it up on the market. Your home is very cute and it looks like you have done ALOT with it to bring it up to date!! I love the flooring, but I really love the kitchen and the open ceiling!!

Thanks for sharing. Good Luck selling it!!


Lisa said...
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hilltopper said...

i dont think you should have much trouble selling this house Kelly. why on earth do you even want to move out?

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

Oh how I love old houses! And white ones with big front porches are my favorite! Prayers for a quick sale coming your way (our's too is on the market).
In Him,

Elaine said...

Your house is beautiful, prayers for a quick sale...