Friday, February 20, 2009

ch cha changes (around the house)

Good Afternoon fellow blogger friends.
I thought I would share with you a couple changes we made here at our house. (nothing too major, don't get excited)  ;)  HA

Remember this...
more house pix 004
well I changed out the stand, and now have this...
blog pix 001
(I think it looks MUCH better. What do you think?)

Another change in our kitchen...
kitchen table 001
this is the best picture I have...notice the white bakers rack back there? We got rid of it and replaced it with this...
blog pix 003
I think we may buy another one of these pantry cupboards.  There is just enough room on the wall there for a second one. (I measured)  ;)

***we are about to get ANOTHER new table...courtesy of my Mom. The table in the above picture is stable and only seats 4, period. My Mom's table is round, but has a leaf, maybe two, that make it oval and able to seat more. (just in case) Plus it is just a NICER table all around.  :) I will share it with you once we get it, in about 10 days. 

Here is our last change and it is also in the kitchen...I do not have a before picture bc when I took pix of the house I did not show this wall. Though the pantry cupboard USED to sit in this spot along with our recycling bin. (recycling bin = eye sore, so it is now in the laundry room)  ;)
blog pix 002
Have you noticed that I use these "cubical" things through out my house? They are great for storage.  I think we have 8 of them total. 
4 for the play room (toys, puzzles, games, books, etc)
1 in C's bedroom (dvd's, pictures,more books, etc)
1 in the entry (great for shoes, mail, gloves, hats, etc)
1 in the family room (as seen in second picture above)
1 in the kitchen (as seen in above picture as well)

In old houses you have to create your own storage.  :)
We are a little closer to having our house listed on the MLS.  YAY!!!
I'll keep you posted.


3 ?'s, comments or concerns:

hilltopper said...

i see a tv? hmmm

kidding! your changes are nice, i like the pantry, and i have to to agree recycle=eyesore but whatcha gonna do

Lisa said...

Things look great!! You have been a busy bee. I am so hoping that this weather will improve soon and we can meet up at the zoo or do something fun. So, how are things? Hope all is well with you. I am nursing a sick child and other then that things are GREAT.

Have a great weekend!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love those shelves....where did you get them? I want some too, but am too cheap to pay what Target is asking for them. Let me know if you got a deal.
It all looks great. I am making little changes too.