Monday, January 19, 2009

C goes to the "Motor Home" Show

This past weekend we took C to the Annual Boat & R show.  He has been asking to see "inside" the motor homes, so we thought this would be perfect for him.  He had a blast. And has asked repeatedly to go back again. He is now ready to sell our house and buy one.  (me too)  ;)

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 002 
this one was a mini pull behind camper
Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 003

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 005
he kept calling this the "driving" room.  HA

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 008
My 2 Boys  ;)

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 009

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 004
all buckled up & ready to hit the road

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 001
taking a break before leaving. it was a long haul to the car.

Jan 2009 boat & rv show with Collin 010
bye bye


***Harper Update...

I just want to Thank each of you that has lifted Harper, Kelly & Scott up in prayer. God is listening and Harper is improving a little at a time.  PLEASE continue to include them in your prayers.

Here is an update from Kelly's blog (Kelly's Korner)...

"We were able to meet with Harper's doctor today for the first time since she has been there. It was a very good meeting. He gave us a lot of details. It was very difficult for me to sit and listen to him talk about how sick my little baby is. Our families felt it was very positive but it was just scary for me. Basically it is a long and gradual process. They believe she got an infection which has caused the problems with her lungs. They think her heart and brain are both good. Very, very slowly - they are trying to get her off the oxygen that is supporting her lungs. They think ECMO is a final resort. We will most likely be here for weeks. Her numbers seem to improve little by little and we do have a lot of hope. She is critical but stable."

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Nancy said...

love the pics from the show, and we too, like to attend those and dream :)

we owned a 40 ft fifth wheel for about 5 years and truly loved the life it brought to our family, but alas, the two younger girls grew out of wanting to go every weekend so we sold it.

John now wants to buy a large one and live in it. Sounds good, doesn't it, traveling around, seeing the sights. However, my parents did that when they retired from teaching and yes they saw a lot and yes they met many great friends BUT there is something to be said to having a bit more space to stretch out in when one is sick, irritable or mad. Know what I mean? ha ha Not to mention redecorating and repairing a motor home/camper/cabover is costly.
But one an dream~

Jill said...

I think Mark and I might join you! If only we didn't have 5 cats and a a kid and a half...LOL!
Oh, to DREAM!

Lisa said...

They have some NICE RV's - don't they?!? Looks like CJ had a great time and I love that picture of him & Daddy walking together. They are dressed alike and they are both using the same foot forward...too cute!

He And Me + 3 said...

What fun! They are so nice. C looks like he is right at home. Thanks for the update on Harper. Will continue to pray.

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

You know, I'd never thought of going to one of those shows just to let the kids have a sticky-beak inside.

What a great idea!

I'll be dragging them off to take a look the next time I hear one advertised, 'cause I love poking my nose into things, too. ;)

McCrakensx4 said...

So much family fun! I can remember going to these when I was a little girl! Thanks for the update on Harper too!