Sunday, January 4, 2009

and the winner is...


the names of all who entered
Misc Jan 2009 020
all the names in the hat (thanks CJ for letting Mommy borrow your hat)  ;)
Misc Jan 2009 016
he wanted to pose with the names in the hat. (such a little ham)
Misc Jan 2009 017
pulling the winning name...
Misc Jan 2009 018
and the winner is...
Misc Jan 2009 019
Stacey from McCrakensx4 !!!

Congratulations Stacey. I wish I could tell you what you won, but I am still putting it together. Hopefully I can finish getting it together tomorrow and have it out in the mail by wednesday.  ;)
Please email me with your address and I will do my BEST to not send you anything Ohio State. Though I have to tell you this is gonna be HARD.  ;) 

Thank you to everyone who left me a comment. I enjoyed this and visiting your blogs too. I think I may attempt a give-away each month. I feel so blessed, and I want to pass the blessings along to everyone else.

Happy Sunday and everyone have a great week.

4 ?'s, comments or concerns:

Lisa said...

Ok, you gotta promise to let us know what she won - ok?

Congrats to you Stacey!! You should definitely send her something OSU - she is a Michigan Fan (hahaha-lol) just kidding Stacey!! Gotta love a little OSU/Michigan lovin'

hilltopper said...

congratds to stacey!!! oh, and i love your new bkgrnd!

McCrakensx4 said...

OMGosh...I can't beleive it!! Thanks so much, I am truly honored and excited and I will love it (well maybe a little!) even if it is tainted with OSU!!! They play here tomorrow night ya know! My Colin actually asked if he was allowed to cheer for OSU!! He was afraid he would get into trouble..cute little thing, that kid!! Thanks again!! :)

Elaine said...

Oh what a cute way to announce the winner. He is so precious.