Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy, busy

for those of you who asked, my wall color in the bedroom is the same as in the tree picture below...a tan-ish khaki.

Wow...what a day. All I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep for DAYS!!! (yawn)

As soon as we were up and ready, we (CJ and I) went shopping with my Mom. We were out for about 4 hours and that included lunch. (Thanks Mom)   Once we got home, it was back out the door with PJ to run to Lowe's and then to my BFF's parent's house for him to finish sealing their floor. Next a quick run by my Mom's for ribbon and then home to fix dinner so hubby could go off to his meeting.

Whew...I am tired just thinking about it. 

We have managed to get our tree up. Take a peek.

Christmas pix (Collin) 2008 001
I always thought my tree looked nice, until I saw my Mom's with all her bulbs (which we do not use) and bows (again we do not use). Now I think mine looks bare. Hmmm...

Also here is the tree (my pencil tree that is out year round) that sits in our kitchen. I took this picture yesterday after I put the ribbon on it, but just a little bit ago I hung cookie cutters on it with some "fancy" ribbon. I thought it would like nice since it IS in the kitchen. I will have to take another picture later (too lazy to go and get the camera right now) to share with you.

Christmas pix (Collin) 2008 002

I also managed to get some pictures of CJ in front of the tree. I will share those tomorrow. I just realized that the ribbon looks a little funny on the pencil tree, but it does not look that way as I sit here and look at it in the kitchen.

Call me crazy...where our tree sits in our family room, there usually sits a love seat. In order to put the tree there we moved the love seat into our dining area/kitchen (the two rooms are open to one another) I LOVE it in there. Not sure why, it just seems so cozy and I sat there last night while hubby made dinner and talked to him. Much better (and more comfortable) then sitting on the hard bench at the table. ;)

So, I have a new motto that I am going to make our families way of life for 2009! It is on the top of my blog...Live Simply, Expect Little, Give Much. I wanted to buy a plaque with this on it, but could not find one I was willing to spend the money on. So this was my solution...
Christmas pix (Collin) 2008 take 2 015
I bought these frames at Family Dollar($2.00/each), a year or so ago and was not using them. (Ok, I was not using two of them, I moved the picture that was in one of them to another frame) I also had the scrapbook paper (12x12 sheet, 50 cents, though probably 40% off of that)  ;) and white computer paper (sorry NO clue how much one sheet of that costs)  I printed out the phrase, cut it and there you have it. Basically free since I had EVERYTHING all ready.
What do you think?

I also did a larger version of my other favorite quote...
BLOG stuf 001

I also made this one for my husband's nightstand.
BLOG stuf 003


and ALL of this stemmed from this one that I bought @ Target for $9.99. It is for our bedroom too. Our Christmas gift from my Mom is new bedding and we are getting new carpet in our bedroom and giving our bed a makeover. (a small makeover using paint)
 BLOG stuf 004

Speaking of bed makeover...I need your thoughts.
This is our new bedding. Should we paint our bed (which is now a creamy yellow color) chocolate brown or black??? Our bedroom furniture is not a set. We were given our bed (the headboard and footboard) my dressers are the same stain, but not a pair (one has a marble top, the other does not and they have different hardware) and I have a third dresser in there and it is painted khaki/tan. (in the spring it will be painted the same color as our bed so that it will coordinate) and my nightstand is the same stain as the two dressers, but again not a match set. I love to mix and match furniture. Plus EVERYTHING in our bedroom was given to us and you can not beat FREE! (not to mention the history, most the stuff is antique and been in the family for a long long time)
THANKS for your input. And for making it through this LONG post. Sorry!!!

my bedding

9 ?'s, comments or concerns:

Lisa said...

Kelly - Well, I love your decorating and love love love the pencil tree. I too have one, but I am letting my MIL borrow it right now since we are running out of room. Ok, I also wanted to tell you that I love the woodwork around your doors and I love the doors themselves. They look so old and you know me and old (love it). Your wood flooring is gorgeous!! Did hubby put that down? I also enjoyed the picture frames with sayings and I think I will have to find a way to make something just like you mind if I am a copycat? (lol).

As goes for your bed... what color are your walls? Let me know and then I should have an answer on what color to paint your bedroom furniture.

Thanks for sharing!!

blessedmomto7 said...

K-first LOVE your artistic touch sister! About the bed, I think chocolate brown would be the first choice and black the second! Looks like your house is adorable!

Elaine said...

Love, love, love the decorating. I really love the new motto. You did a great job on the frames. That new bedspread is very nice. Those are some of my favorite colors. I agree with Lisa, need to know the wall colors...

Take care...

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love the frames and the sayings. Just great. I think Chocolate brown too. But just one girls opinion:) Love your floors BTW. Beautiful! So is the tree with the cute train...for CJ I am sure:)

Keli said...

Everything is lovely Kelly! I love the wood floors! I have a thing for black so I pick painting all the furnitue black. Love the words in the frames! I may have to come up with something! Thanks for the idea! xo

McCrakensx4 said...

Your deco is great and I love the sayings in the frames! Awesome. I am sure that you could sell them! Great concepts and so crafty!

Jennifer said...

I love the frames! That is such a neat idea! I vote for chocolate brown, but I promise to like whatever you choose!

Paige said...

Great decorating! I miss Family Dollar! They don't have those here in CA. I vote for black. There's something just very classy and unique about furniture that's black.

Great blog.

hilltopper said...

how do you keep CJ away from that train? theres no way i would even attempt that unless i want to spend the christmas season saying (loudly)" Boy! leave that train alone! get away from there!"