Monday, October 20, 2008

lots of happenings...

Well this week I can say I have been missing because I have been BUSY!!! (finally)
My husband was off of work on thursday and friday. (I LOVE having him home with us, but the paycheck that comes along with that, not so great. (he is self employed))
We got A TON done around the house. In february 2007 we started remodeling our home. The majority of the work took three months, but there were still odds and ends to be done and finishing touches. The odds and ends and some of the finishing touches have yet to be finished. (gotta love doing the work yourselves) Our staircase/hallway leading upstairs has needed painted since we bought the house in 2005. I am ECSTATIC to report it is FINALLY painted and looks awesome. So warm feeling. (painted a kahki color) And upon my request and a lot of begging my WONDERFUL Husband tore the carpet off of the steps and in the hallway. There are beautiful hardwood floors that need to be seen. The stairs have a little damage to them, so we are going to get a carpet runner, as most of the not so great looking spots are in the middle of each step. (problem solved) Another plus, CJ does not like the stairs having no carpet on them, so he is not playing on them all the time now.
We also cleaned out our shed/barn and PJ can now order the bowflex he has been wanting that we have NO room in our home for. Plus we got rid of a bunch of stuff that we did not want or need. I hate just storing stuff. Another bonus...all of Collin's baby stuff is now accessible, so when the time is right and we get pregnant I know just where everything is and I can get to it easily. Woo~hoo!!!
Saturday was my nieces 13th Birthday party. She had a dance type party with a bunch of girls. Boys were invited too, but the school had a last minute bonfire/hayride and they all went to that. They still had a good time, but like any teenager get together there must be drama. WHY? Some little girl decided the Niece was a spoiled brat, since she got to have this party and told the Niece that, which sent the Niece crying to the bathroom. Other than that, a good time was had by all. SO glad I am not 13.
Yesterday we finished working on a few things around the house and just hung out together as a family.
Oh, I almost forgot...Friday we took CJ to the park and look what he picked up...

Yes, my THREE YEAR OLD son picked up TWO cheerleaders at the park. He asked them to play and they did. They followed him all over the place for quite some time. Actually until I said it was time to go. When we got in the car to come home, I asked if he made two girlfriends at the park and he said "yes", in a voice that was like 'duh Mom'. I am now not looking forward to his teen years. UGH!!! FALL PICTURE DAYS 16-20

The following pictures were sent to me by MiMi, please check out her blog @ He & Me + 3 , you will not be sorry that you did.

this last picture was taken at our fair last weekend. It is my Niece and CJ.

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He And Me + 3 said...


I thought your computer wa broken. Good for you getting so much stuff done. That is totally Kolby with the cheerleaders too...he loves blondes. LOL Thanks for posting my pics. You guys do alot of festivals and fun things in the fall. good for you.

hilltopper said...

your neice looks alot like my cousin! must be the hair.

Me said...

You are too correct about the nastiness of females! They can be just as cruel in second grade and have fine tuned it by junior high :( Can't wait to see pics of the stairway!! and thanks for the kind words~I'll keep everyone posted once I return home.