Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A child's Imagination & a few answers to your ?'s

misc Feb 2009 001
this is C's make-believe motor home.  Let me break it down for you...
the car towards the front is obviously the motor part with the passenger seat right beside it.
the chair he is sitting in is his living space/couch
the other chair towards the window facing the window, C informs me is his bathroom/shower.
The fire truck next to Salty (the dog) and sweeper is his fridge. (bc the yellow seat opens)

Don't you just love what kid's come up with on their own? He was so proud of himself for this.

Some of you asked questions re: my last post where I showed you an RV we looked @ and loved.

1. No we have not bought one yet. While we are aggressively looking @ them, we have not bought one yet and are unsure just how soon we will be buying one. We want to a have plan in order for when the time comes. First on the list is for our house to sell. And while I listed it on a local for sale by owner site, it is not truly on the market yet and won't be until a few more things are finished. (soon I hope)

2.  We would love to come visit each & every one of you once we do buy one and are able. That is part of the reason for buying an RV, so that we can travel more and not rely on nasty hotels or expensive inns, or family.friends SO MUCH.  And of course we would love to have you & your family join us too. Soon...I promise. Thank you for the invites. How FUN!!! Can not wait!!!  :)
Maybe I could go on a blog tour...feature each of you @ our stop/visit with you. Oh the FUN times. Hmm...can hubby get paid for this somehow? Does anyone need new carpet or flooring??? Ok, I better come back down to earth out of dreamland now.  :) Seriously though, P needs a traveling job, one where we could go with him though, of course.

3. This particular RV is nicer than my house. It is amazing what they can do with them these days. The storage in them is AMAZING. Seriously. The only drawback in the one bedroom, but the couch is a pull out and like I mentioned, there is plenty of room in the bedroom for a small mattress/bed. C sleeps with us a lot during the winter anyway. (bc we have an old house that is HARD to heat upstairs)

4. Since you asked...YES we will be living in this FULL TIME for 12-18 months.
Do you think we are crazy??? Honestly, I would LOVE to know your thoughts.
Here is why...I have said this numerous times before...I want to live more simply. How much simpler can it get? A place for everything and everything in its place.  And to be honest not a lot of room to keep buying "stuff".
Also, togetherness. We want to become closer as a family. Neither of P, nor myself grew up in close knit families. My parents divorced when I was 8 and we split our time between my Dad, my Mom & my Grandparents. While my family is "close", we did not do things together as a family much at all. My Dad's work did not allow for it one, and well a Father on his own with two young daughters made it hard to do a lot of things.
P's family did not and still does not do a lot together. They all live there own lives and catch up when they can.
We want to give Collin more of a togetherness that we did not have. AND we want to take him to explore the different states and such too. Lots of family vacations. Little ones and big ones. :)
Another reason...I learned when my Dad passed away very unexpectedly that life is INFACT short. We do not know when our time here on earth will end. For this reason alone, I want to do this now and not wait until we are older, like most couples do. There is NO time like the present.
We are lucky bc my Dad owned about an acre & a half of land in the "country". It is now city, but still the country feel. My sister lives in our childhood home and after talking to her, she has agreed that we could put the RV on the property. (technically the land belongs to both of us, but she has lived in the house for the past seven years)

So when the times comes and our house sells. We will then buy an rv and proceed to live in it until we feel our time has come to again buy, build, or even rent a home.

We think this will be an adventure. And something that can only be done while we have one child. If I find myself pregnant we will have to cancel this plan to live in the RV. Not enough room for a family of four, I am afraid. Not full time anyway.  ;)

7 ?'s, comments or concerns:

blessedmomto7 said...

That is SO AWESOME~ My friend did this one winter when her hubby got laid off. They yanked the kids out of school and she worked as a traveling nurse while hubby home schooled the kids. They are now teens and will remember that time as a family FOREVER! Simple-good stuff! PS-YOU WILL BE coming to the farm in KS :)

Lisa said...

I give you alot of credit. I am not sure I could live in that close quarters with anyone (lol). My husband and son are fine, but still you need a little time to yourself and in an RV there isn't a whole lotta room. You are a brave gal : )

Elaine said...

Wow, what a wonderful adventure it would be. It really is something you could only do when you little one is so young. I think the RV's today are so nice,much like a home. It sure would give you lots of stories to blog about. I agree, life is short.

Katie said...

Kelly, love the "homemade" motorhome. Very creative!

Love all your plans, too. Wow! Talk about an adventure. That is great.

Thanks for your sweet comment! Sometimes I think we're crazy for having kids this close, but I'm happy!

He And Me + 3 said...

I was wondering if that is what you were going to do. That sounds like such a fun plan. I hope that you are able to see it through. But you must come and see me.
Love C's RV...very cool!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun plan. My aunt and uncle did that and had so much fun traveling the country! And totally loving C's imagination! And you would love it in is nice and warm ;)

hilltopper said...

i suspected this may be your plan when i heard about the washer and dryer in the rv.
and how funny cj playing rv ,but why isnt he in the drivers seat?