Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A budding artist?

P found this on the wall in the hallway last week...
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 001
and the "artist" with his work
more misc Collin jan '09 & house for sale pix 002
This is not the first time. Over a year ago we were coloring and I went to answer the phone and came back to find crayon on the wall behind the couch. And just a day or two ago we found ANOTHER drawing in his playroom on the wall. We think he made that mark about the same time as the above marks. (since) He has lost ALL pens, pencils, crayons,markers, paints, etc for the month of February.

Is it wrong to take a picture and then punish???  ;)

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Lisa said...

OMG - Our kids must be on the same route. I started letting Cameron have a crayon with his handy dandy notebook that I bought for him over the weekend. It is just a notebook with index cards in it, but a notebook none the less. He loves it HOWEVER I found crayon on the linoleum floor this morning. Green crayon - gotta love our little artists!!

Did you hear it is suppose to be in the 60's today, but in the 30's and snowing this weekend ? URGH - gotta love Ohio weather!!

Elaine said...

Cracking up over here. At least it wasn't all over the couch with sharpie, like I had once.

He And Me + 3 said...

I totally have taken pictures and then punished. Like the time Stunt Man made a cake on the carpet floor in the hallway. Nice mess...but had to capture that one on camera.
C looks a little sorry in that picture. :(

hilltopper said...

we punish then picture, when theyre not looking, dominic is very sensitive about us telling people the things he gets in trouble for, i totally get that, i HATED when my mom told the things i got in trouble for, it was like re living the guilt of doing something i knew i shouldnt have.