Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is the football edition of my Fall Picture Day. Tonight, We (OSU Buckeyes) play Penn State. "They" are favored to win, though I am not sure by how much. Our "rivals" are the Michigan Wolverines, which we will play next month , but in our family, Penn State is our rival. My step dad went to Penn State and is a die hard fan. So for the rest of us the Bucks MUST win this one. I scheduled my birthday "sleepover" for tonight before I realized that this game was on so late (8pm). Oops. Well I will still have the game on "in the background" and the Hubby is going to watch the game with my Mom and step dad.
Good Luck to everyones favorite football teams today, unless of course you are a Penn State fan. (ha ha ha)
the horseshoe The Best Damn Band in the Land (script Ohio)
Brutus Buckeye this is someones backyard, wish we could do this to our backyard same persons backyard. I know we did not win the National Championship last year, but I still wanted to include this, because, us Buckeye fans, we would LOVE for our dollar bill to look like this.

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He And Me + 3 said...

Girl! My husband went the Ohio State UofM game last year and had the best time of his life. His good friends step dad is Lloyd Carr. He even went to the Rose Bowl With that same friend in California a couple years ago. He is a UNC fan but has been converted to a UofM fan now that we live in Michigan. Have a fun sleepover and I wish your team the best tonight, but not in 28 days...LOL!

McCrakensx4 said...

I found you through my friend MiMi (He & Me + 3) and I am sooo sorry for your loss on Sat night :) How tragic for you! J/K. Now that Lloyd (my father-in-law) has finally retired, we are not as big of UM fans as we used to be, but it is still there in our blood (even though they are having an awful season). Beautiful blog by the way. My husband coaches high school football and last Friday all the players, coaches and wives wore pick ribbons for breast cancer. It was amazing.

Me said...

looks like ya'll love your football as much as the Hood household do :) but not to the extent of shaving our yard. tee hee

hilltopper said...

be the dot. wasnt that a commercial or something?